Benefits of Shore Fishing

4 Benefits of Shore Fishing Vs. 4 Benefits of Lake Fishing


Do the benefits of shore fishing outweigh or pale in comparison to the benefits of lake fishing? That all depends on who you ask, where you’re headed and how much money you have sitting around to spend on a boat. If you don’t already have a boat to take out on the water, shore fishing offers the most affordable option because you don’t have to rent or buy a water vessel. But that’s not the only benefit to shore fishing.

Four Benefits of Shore FishingBenefits of Shore Fishing

Some fishermen spend their entire lives bank fishing by choice, here are several reasons why…

1. With a little Adventure, you can find a great spot

When you’re in a boat you can move around more freely to find schools of fish, but shore fishing requires a little more planning before you cast your reel in the water. First, you must scout out a prime location along the shore where fish are biting and, ideally, there are no other fishermen in the area. As a result, you build up your skills by learning what to look out for, something boating anglers often miss.

2. You don’t need a boat to experience the benefits of shore fishing

You don’t need a boat to go shore fishing. That means you don’t have to pay to rent, buy, or maintain a boat—all of which gets pretty pricey.

3. You can reach areas a boat can’t

Shallow or densely covered waters along the banks of a river or lake are inaccessible by boat but are often teeming with fish. Bank fishing allows you to reach these areas and snag fish that boat anglers are sure to miss out on.

4. Bring a cooler stuffed with beer without fear of a BUI

Drinking and driving is illegal regardless if you’re driving a car on the road or a boat on the water. Fishing from the shoreline allows you to indulge in as many cold ones as you’d like without fear of a BUI (Boating Under the Influence).

Four Benefits of Lake Fishing

Other fishermen say that once you try lake fishing you never go back to shore fishing. Keep in mind, you don’t need a big fancy boat to go lake fishing. A kayak or cheap row boat offers greater mobility without the same high costs of buying and maintaining a boat.

1. More water & fish to work with

Depending on the type of fish you’re after, you might have better luck in a boat because you can cruise across a much wider span of water. While flounder and trout are commonly found along the shore, there are so many other types of fish swimming farther out. If you’re looking to catch bigger game fish, you’ll want to move into deeper waters away from shore.

2. More exploring, less sitting around

If sitting on the same bank for hours on end sounds boring enough to put you to sleep, lake fishing offers the chance to explore and move while fishing. Cruising around in a boat allows you a greater chance to see rare marine habitats, beautiful sceneries or parts of the lake you could never see by foot.

3. Participate in other water sports

A boat allows you to pair fishing with another water sport, such as paddle boarding, tubing, water skiing, snorkeling or diving.  Before or after spending a few hours of peacefully catching fish it’s so much fun to indulge in a more active sport. Diving or snorkeling offers you the opportunity to see what there is to catch before you cast your reel into the waters.

4. More privacy

You can find some very private spots to fish from land but if someone comes along and crashes your party, you’ll have to get up and move all your gear to restore solitude. It’s less likely someone will come into your area if you’re way out in the water. Plus, it’s easier to move around as needed if the fish aren’t biting or too many boats start to crowd your area.

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