Campgrounds in NH

Best Campgrounds In NH – The Ultimate Guide To New Hampshire Camping


Every spring families from around the New Hampshire start looking forward to the adventures that summer will bring. They start getting their tents out & checking them over. The kids start getting all sorts of excited to use their marshmallow roasting sticks again & eating smores under the stars. The families simply can’t wait to take their vacation time to head over to one of the numerous campgrounds in NH.

Spring time is time to get ready for the fun that that summer has to offer. It’s time to bring out the camping gear and get it ready for another exciting outing. The tents, grills, sleeping bags and sprays come out of their hiding places too as everyone can’t seem to wait for another time out under the stars in beautiful campgrounds in NH each summer.

There are so many awesome campgrounds in NH that open in summer and offer a great time that’s worth going back to year after year, each summer. Whether you want a place for a personal timeout or a hangout with friends and/or family, New Hampshire Campgrounds have incredible locations for the best getaways and camp experiences. Well, let’s check out the best places to look out for (in no particular order) when you need to pick an ideal destination for your next camping in NH!

Campgrounds in NH

Looking For The Best Campground in NH

For the sake of simplicity, this article is only going to account for actual campgrounds in NH. Those that fall outside of New Hampshire are certainly great locations for camping, but we aren’t going to cover them here. So without further ado, let’s run through our favorite places to go camping in NH!

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park: Camping New Hampshire

Campgrounds in NH - Yogi Bear Jellystone ParkThe award winning Yogi Bear Jellystone Park is an all fun place to be especially if you have kids. It’s a favourite place for folks that want to have a time-out as their kids have fun too. There’s a whole range of activities for kids such as arts and crafts, campfires, tales by moonlight, swimming and of course movies. Don’t expect a dull moment in the Jellystone Park which offers cabins for rent just in case you don’t have one or will prefer to travel light. There are also cabins for rent and boats for you to cruise around and enjoy the water resources of the Pemigewasset River.

Jacobs Brook Campground: New Hampshire Campground

The Jacob Brooks Campground is the perfectly located in the tranquil town of Orford and is one of the best spots for lovers of quiet camping trips. This campground with about 50 campgrounds across 38 acres of land is definitely not the usual style of campgrounds in NH you’ll find around but it definitely has all you need to feel comfortable and have a great time. Apart from the basic amenities, it has a showers and restrooms, playgrounds, pools and of course, WiFi in and out of the beautiful gardens that dot the camp ground. It is greatly desired for the peace and quiet it always offers. Be sure to book a spot on time if you don’t want to miss out on having a quiet time all by yourself or with a loved one.

Israel River Campground: Camping in NH

The Israel River Campground, right in the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, is loved because of the awesome sights of the Presidential Mountain Range, the Mount Washington, biking trails, hiking trails and fishing along the river. The campground is dotted with camping sites by the river, hot tub, pools, playground, restrooms, showers and a super market. There are many other attractions close to the camp ground such as Bretton Woods, Fort Jefferson Fun Park and Santa’s Village.

Twin River Campground: Campgrounds in NH

Camping in NH - Twin River CampgroundThe Twin River Campground located just by the banks of the Ammonoosuc and Wild Ammonoosuc Rivers in Bath is the place to be for double fun. All you need to enjoy the best of this picturesque location is yourself, your inner tubes and your swimsuit, every other thing you need is already in place. The Twin River Campground has cabins, a game room, a heated pool, mini golf, Laundromat and pavilion. It also has facilities for basketball, shuffleboard, volleyball and a playground area for kids that makes it child-friendly. While you keep at having fun, be on the lookout for moose and other wildlife at the campground.

Bear Brook State Park: NH Campgrounds

The Bear Hook is probably named so for a reason. One that stands out is the fact that it is the largest developed state park in New Hampshire with over 10,000 acres of land for your exploratory delight. With 100 campsites, alongside picnic tables, a playground area and restrooms, there all you need right on site.  There’s room for hiking, walking, horseback riding, mountain biking and even swimming in the ponds that dot the park. There are also canoes and Kayaks for rent to cruise the waters.  You will enjoy the archery ranges if you come with the equipment for it.

Gunstock Mountain Resort: New Hampshire Campground

The Gunstock Mountain Resort is open throughout the year and has over 250 campsites spread across 140 acres of land. You can hike and take tours in the resort during summer and ski during winter. Other highlights of this resort include aerial treetop exploration, camping, and even zip line tours. There’s room for tents and RVs if you choose not to rent a cabin. Their amenities which are top-notch for a campground include a basic store, hot showers, pool. There are also restrooms and laundry facilities for your use. If you’ll be a part of any of the Lakes Region’s annual events in summer, the Gunstock Mountain resort will be perfect for camping and lodging.

The Lost River Valley Campground: Camping New Hampshire

The Lost River Valley campground, located in the midst of the White Mountain National forest and in close proximity to other tourist centres such as the Kancamagus Scenic Byway and the Lost River Gorge, is a privately owned campground.  It has about spacious 125 campsites screed by the forest canopy with options for tents and RVs as alternatives to the homely cabins.  The camp store is always well stocked with camp supplies and necessities. To be a part of the camp activities and festivities you need to book early enough as reservations will not be accepted from late June till Labour Day. The campground is kid-friendly with games and sporting facilities, a playground and the sandy beach, to ensure that kids have a great time out like the adults. Adjacent mountain streams are rich in trout for your sporting pleasure.

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Lafayette Place Campground: Camping in NH

The Lafayette Place Campground, a part of Franconia Notch State Park is the perfect place for hiking and exploring the abundance of nature’s gift to the White Mountains. A valley between the high points of the Kinsman and the Franconia mountain ranges is made up of the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway, the Flume Gorge, the New England Ski Museum, a swimming beach at the Echo Lake, fly fishing at Profile Lake, a cyclists trail, many waterfalls, and places to sight birds. There are 97 wooded campsites for mobile vehicles and tents that are large enough, with enough room for privacy.  The Lafayette campground is open throughout the year and offers nature programs to help campers understand the natural environment better. Showers and other services are open from mid-May through mid-October. The 97 wooded campsites for tents and RVs are large, and all have fireplaces.

Silver Lake Park Campground: Camping New Hampshire

The Silver Lake Park has about 600 feet of lakeshore space for cruising, swimming, playing and fishing. The silver lake park has cabins complete with a living room (with HD cable TV), kitchen, bathroom, free WIFI, heat/AC. RVs and tents are also allowed if you don’t want the cabin option. There are boats, canoes and kayaks available for rent so you can enjoy the sight and feel of the lake.

Greenfield State Park: New Hampshire Campground

The 400-acres rich campground in the South-western part of the state has about 252 well spaced campsites with allowances for RVs in larger sites. The park includes the 900-foot swimming beach in Otter Lake reserved for swimming and water sports. Day visitors have another beach for daily use so they don’t disturb the camping life. The underdeveloped is an exquisite fishing spot while boats, canoes and Kayaks can be rented in July and August to cruise the waters. There are woodland trails for those who love to explore but the wild and you should definitely camp here if you’ll be climbing Mount Monadnock that’s nearby.

Ayers Lake Campground: Camping New Hampshire

Camping in NH - Ayers Lake CampgroundThe beauty of a quiet and relaxing atmosphere that rejuvenates the body and soul is what the Ayers Lake campground offers. This is the go-to for a real camping experience with its variety of cottages, tents and trailers for rent, there’s no excuse to be left behind. Regular campers always come back for more, especially the awesome fishing experience and the wild blueberries quest. This is the perfect spot for quiet in a beautiful yet tranquil environment.

Mascoma Lake Campground: New Hampshire Campground

The campground of the Upper Valley is a family friendly campground with terraced sites so that there’s no excuse for missing out on any of its beautiful attractions. You can spend your time here in cabins or cottages which are available for rent or freestyle with tents and RVs. You can build sand castles as you relax on the private beach or rent canoes or kayaks to go across the waters for a refreshing coolness. Whatever you do on the Mascoma Lake campground, be sure to enjoy every bit of its fun.

Sugarloaf Campgrounds – NH Campgrounds

The Sugarloaf campgrounds; Sugarloaf I and II are actually twin campgrounds in the charge of the US Forest Service. Its campsites are spacious, with water supply and well designed fire rings for a comfortable stay on camp. The Sugarloaf campgrounds in NH are ideal for hikers. While you’re here, be sure to hike up the Sugarloaf Mountain and enjoy the picturesque sights below from great heights. The beauty of the mountain is that it’s comfortable for group and family tours. The famous Cog Railway, Mount Washington and the Zealand Notch are close by for your recreation pleasure. This is a campground for you to have the best of relaxing and outdoor activities in the same range.

Lake Massasecum Campground: Camping in NH

Fall in love again and again with the sand of the lakeside campground. The campground is a vast area of land that is home to cabins, tents and RVs alike.  There is a camp store, recreation hall, and watercraft rentals; everything you need for an awesome camping experience is right here. The atmosphere is a refreshing one courtesy the scenic views and the endless recreation possibilities on the sandy beach.

White Lake State Park: Camping New Hampshire

Of all the large campgrounds in the White Mountains, the white lake is the only one with a swimming beach. This perhaps explains the appeal the White Lake State Park has home and abroad. It has 203 campsites that are well spaced with many along the shore side, offering the refreshing sight and feel of the lake. Reservations can be made throughout the year especially for families or large groups. The campground is dotted with beaver houses and spot loons while boats can be rented for fishing or just cruising the cool waters.

Swanzey Lake Camping Area: Camping New Hampshire

Swanzey Lake Camping Area - Campgrounds in NHThe Swanzey Lake camping area is for you if you want to have a taste of the outdoors and still maintain your privacy. There’s a great fishing area and a private beach for you to lounge on as you relax. While complete cottages are available for rent, the wooded grounds can take tents and RVs not more than 35ft long. There are canoes, kayaks and paddleboats for water lovers too.

Calef Lake Camping: New Hampshire Campgrounds

The Calef Lake Campground has a lot of waterfront and wooded sites for campers. It has a large playground and activity area that allows children of all ages to play and have fun. This makes it perfect for campers with kids. The beach has a pavilion for sun breaks and rests from walks. There are also boats and canoes when you need to cruise or just relax on the lake.

Things to do in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is home to endless exciting places to visit all through the year. The beauty of these places is that they are all within reach so there’s no reason not to take a break and have fun.  Looking for picturesque mountain tops or scenic sunset views by the sea side? New Hampshire has all it takes for you to have exciting and breathtaking moments in the stunning landscapes and beautiful attractions while you’re out camping!

New Hampshire Amusement Parks- Things to do in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has one of the best theme parks in the region for kids; Santa’s Village and Story Land. The park is designed in such a way that children can have fun irrespective of their age.  The joys of climbing Cinderella’s pumpkin coach or gliding in a swan boat can only be imagined. Grownups will also get to enjoy a New Hampshire theme park escape, and Water Country; one of the largest water parks in New England.

Hampton Beach- Things to do in New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire makes the most of every inch of its limited shoreline. Hampton Beach, the state’s largest sandbox, has a right to be packed full always. The surf, the boardwalk, the amusements, the nightlife and major events that happen here all the time. However, those are just some of the reasons the Hampton Beach is always the happening place! If you don’t want to miss out on the fun of New Hampshire, this beach is the place to be!

Castle in the Clouds- Things to do in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has a castle! It overlooks Lake Winnipesaukee, a really magnificent body of water that the state boasts of. You could tour the castle endlessly all day as you try to figure out the tragic rise and fall of its owner. During summer, the grounds are ideal for walking, tours, hiking, and sightseeing. In winter it is even lovelier: an ice castle! The 5,500-acre estate is full of architectural craftsmanship, classical beauties to look upon. Inside the carriage house on these grounds is an art gallery that features local and international art. You don’t want to miss the enlightening exposition that the castle offers.

Mount Washington Auto Road- Things to do in New Hampshire

There’s no road like the Mount Washington Auto Road which is the oldest manmade attraction in the USA. The road, which was commissioned in 1861, tells the story of self-driving in Eastern North America. One of the attractions this road holds is that you get to pass through four distinct climatic zones. In these, you’ll experience their characteristics as you climb. This is the place to see diverse foliage, beautiful cloud formations and scenic mountain top views that you’ve only heard of before. There’s a Snow coach guided tour if you want to go slow and steady. If you’re looking for something a bit more difficult, the challenging climb is for you.

The New Hampshire Telephone Museum- Things to do in New Hampshire

Have you ever wondered about the history of telecommunications in the United States? You can stop wondering now thanks to the New Hampshire Telephone Museum. Visitors get an insight into how telecommunication has evolved over the years and the artifacts that helped to shape this history.

The New Hampshire Telephone Museum has collections from Garry Mitchell, the Barlett, and the Violette families. They each put in years to give the future of communication a sound start. The tours, led by the staff are always an interesting highlight of every visit.

Canobie Lake Park- Things to do in New Hampshire

Want some vintage experience? The Canobie Lake Park in Salem is a vintage amusement park with roots that go as far back as the late 1800s. The park has however gone through renovations and refurbishment. Despite that, its rich heritage still stands tall and welcoming. It is a family-friendly amusement park with activities, games that ensure that children have as much fun as adults during outings.  It has a wide range of thrill rides and water rides that are family friendly. Other highlights in the park include arcade games, carnival-style games and lots of edible goodies.

Loon Mountain – Things to do in New Hampshire

Loon Mountain has over 300 acres of land for outdoor entertainment all year round with more than 28 miles of ski and snowboard trails alongside 12 lifts there’s always something to do on the loon mountain ranging from  biking to  cross-country skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, snow tubing, sky-ride  gondolas,  ice skating, indoor rock climbing and zip lines. The activities differ from season to season though. There are interesting and mind-bubbling events that you should not miss out on while you enjoy the mountain top such as t6he yearly monster mud run, snowboard camps, ski camps and of course the summit worship services.

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