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Camping California | Your Guide to Camping In Northern & Southern California


Camping California is something to look forward too especially in summer as it brings with it the luxury of camping, hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, grilling, roasting and toasting with the music in the serenity of nature. There’s a campground in California for everyone’s taste and preferences. This should not come as a surprise as California is rich in exotic wildlife, diverse landscapes and a whole lot of activities outdoor to keep you going.

A camping experience in the Golden State of California is worth looking forward to each year. The air, the aura, the beauty, the serenity and the mind-blowing fun you can have will leave you better in every way. Summer Camping California comes with great camping options, from the ever-inviting mountain and desert to the bubbling Central Coast and Napa Valley, which provides an array of fun options, particularly for wine lovers.

You want to know where to go to pitch your tent or use your RV, where to fish, surf, swim with the tides and of course which places have the mountains that you’ll love to climb. In this article we’ll explore Campgrounds in California, Camping California Coast, Beach Camping California and of course, Camping in Northern California, as we bring you the best of Camping California for a rewarding outdoor experience.

Lake Tahoe – Campgrounds in California

There’s no better time to see the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe, the country’s largest alpine lake, than now, amidst the other offers the beautiful scenery   promises.  Situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, be sure to go with all that you’ll need to enjoy the waters: Bring your kayak, paddle board, scuba gear and swimsuit, without forgetting your hiking boots for hiking on the trails. The Rubicon Trail offers the best hike. This trail dips into coves from the shore. While you’re at it be sure to pause and see the Rubicon Point Lighthouse at the Bliss State Park for amazing views of the lake.

There are over 250 campsites you in a forested area by the lake for your camping pleasure while you check out vintage wooden barges in an underwater preserve and explore the 1929 Swedish-style Vikingsholm retreat.

Lake Tahoe offers a whole range of camping options. There are campgrounds nestled in the mountains and around the lake. Lake Tahoe, a top spot for bicycling, boating, kayaking and hiking is a perfect outdoor destination. Its high season is from May to September

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Refugio State Park Camping – Beach Camping California

camping californiaRefugio State Beach is a popular campsite for the right reasons the grounds have beautiful sights and sounds alongside the basic amenities and regulars needed to make your camping experience worthwhile.

The campground, about 20 Minutes north of Santa Barbara, is a place to be to enjoy the beauty of nature in a stress-free environment. It’s perfect if you want to be alone with the familiar yet you can also hang out here with friends and loved ones. There’s a flavor for every preference here.  Come along with your longboard or plenty of foam in your wave equipment so you won’t miss out on any part of the fun

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Manchester Beach KOA – Camping in Northern California

Camping CaliforniaThis area offers the best of California in one geographical location: the Anderson Valley wineries, two local lighthouses, the renowned Mendocino village and its magnificent redwoods. There’s a fishing spot for Anglers nearby.

Activities to be enjoyed on camp include hay rides, ice cream, socials, family activities, and of course wine tasting.  There’s no dull moment here, even in the serenity. This KOA offers bocce courts, a disc golf course, large interactive dog park, community campfire area and year-round hot tub. It’s a family-friendly camp that allows dogs to tag along too. No excuse, right?

Glory Hole Campgrounds – Camping in Northern California

Camping californiaGlory Hole Recreation Area is can be found at New Melones Lake on the Stanislaus River. The 12,500 surface-acre lake is the fifth largest lake in California, located along the edge of the Mother Lode, the rich gold vein that birthed the California Gold Rush of 1849.

The Glory Hole Campground has facilities for biking, boating, canoeing, fishing, hiking, water skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, kayaking, sailing, swimming, wildlife viewing, rock climbing, horseback riding and picnicking. There’s so much to do here

Calaveras Big Trees State Park – Campgrounds in California

Camping CaliforniaThis is a popular tourist ground with over 70 sites just by the main entrance. The campsites are spacious. You can choose from the sites by the Big Tree Creek or go further inside the park by an open meadow if you’re interested in a bit more privacy.

This park has options for children so families can come as a unit during the weekend or on holidays. You can kike along the trails and enjoy the calmness of nature as you picnic. While the massive discovery tree is no more, the big stump still stands strong and is an interesting part of the camp reservations viewing experience.  The camp has such a heart-warming appeal that you need to make ahead if you want to be a part of its usual campground; it’s always fully booked most of the time.

Jalama Beach County Park – Camping California Coast

Camping CaliforniaThe Jalama Beach County Park is a favorite spot for beach lovers. Perhaps the cool privacy the park offers is a major reason for the appeal.  This is the ideal getaway place for you if you need a break from the distractions and noise of the everyday city life. It’s just so serene and beautiful at that.

Campers love this place for its sand and the fact that they get to see the ocean for real on-the-sand charm with 24/7 ocean views.

The park has an on-site restaurant and store, so food is not a problem. Cell phone reception is great too, just in case you need to be on the grid for accessibility sake. One thing you need to be conscious of however is the cold. As much as you can, come with enough warm clothing and the likes to keep you warm at night. Once that’s settled you can camp all you want.

Anchor Bay Campground – Camping in Northern California

Camping CaliforniaThe Anchor Bay Campground is a privately owned space located just by the scenic Highway One of Mendocino’s County’s opposite the Pacific Ocean. It is surrounded by ferns, native redwood trees and other coastal flora that link it to the 1/2-mile-long Anchor Bay Beach.

There are overnight camping spots, about 27 of them, with facilities that make them the preserve for exclusive camping. There’s no excuse to miss out of this, it’s time to pack your camping gear.

Kirby Cove Campground – Campgrounds in California

Camping CaliforniaThe scenic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco are some of the many rewards of the Kirby Cove Campground, with the bay few steps from your tent. The cove has five sites which can accommodate 50 people in all and about 3 RV’s per campsite.

The adventure starts with getting to the camp but and locating the sand-surrounded sites that will be home away from home.  For the best camping experience, take warm clothes along (even in summer) and earplugs to mute foghorn explosions from the Golden Gate Bridge

The Kirby Cove Campground is always booked April through November. You need to make reservations in advance.

Plaskett Creek Big Sur – Beach Camping California

Camping CaliforniaThe Plaskett Creek Big Sur is like the perfect description of a campground. The campsites are beautifully spacious and there are even options for more space and privacy.  The camp style here is basic with flushing toilets and sinks, definitely no showers. While a portable solar shower can do the trick for you, you’ll definitely be fine without it. Some strolls away from the grounds will take you to the Sand Dollar beach, what more could a camper want?

The Big Sur is a magnificent place in reality; pictures hardly ever do justice to its beauty. The waters are clear and bright with a thrilling coastline that’s sure to remind you of the many reasons to want to sat back and enjoy the feel.

Morro Bay State Park – Camping California Coast

Camping californiaThe Morro Bay State Park is the perfect camping spots for surfing. Located some minutes away from the famous Morro Bay Rock and surf break, there s enough space and spots to go round everyone here.

You will need earplugs while you’re here as sound tends to travel fast and loud and there’s not really much of foliage to keep it low. There are however eucalyptus trees that grace the length and breadth of the campgrounds, adding to its neat beauty.

The highlight of each day is the privilege to watch the sunset over the glassy Morro Bay, it’s always mesmerizing. However, the tall eucalyptus trees throughout the site are beautiful and the campgrounds are well kept.

Idyllwild Park – Campgrounds in California

The Idyllwild Park is located beside the scenic San Jacinto Mountains. The campground is one of those sites that you feel at home in even when you’re far away from home. This is further strengthened by its closeness to town so you can easily dash in and out. It’s a family-friendly camp, so children are not left out of the goodies.

Children can come with their bikes or scooters, helmets inclusive, to keep them busy on the paved roads. Adults can ride too but are sure to prefer the hiking options available, particularly on the trail to the Idyllwild Nature Centre that’s nearby. The center holds special nature events regularly such as the live wolves show and monarch butterflies display.

There are about 88 sites on camp where you can camp on, with enough spaces for having a campfire night with chairs set around the flames. The camp is open seasonally but it is advised that you book early on in advance so you can get a shaded spot.  Unless your vehicle is four-wheeled, avoid steep locations on camp.

Cisco Grove Campgrounds – Camping in Northern California

Camping CaliforniaThe Cisco Grove campground allows you to camp at any time of the year; you don’t have to count the days to summer if you need a getaway. It is a 355-acre of rich forest on South Yuba River.

Everyone is welcome to the Cisco Grove because of its wealth of facilities and activities to keep you engaged and refreshed. The on-camp activities here include biking, hiking, basketball, volleyball, and shuffleboard. The game is a little different during winter when the weather provides an opportunity for skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, and tubing.

The fact that there are major ski resorts nearby makes the camp even more inviting and YES, pets are allowed. Say no more!

Whitney Portal Campground – Campgrounds in California

Camping CaliforniaPine trees and tall granite walls and the Whitney summit keep campers coming back here yearly. The Whitney Portal Campground is a base camp for backpackers, hikers and picnickers that come to climb the 14,500 foot Whitney summit or watch others climb it each year. The campground has the best of its 43 campsites in clusters by the Whitney Creek. The Creek has a deafening magic that drowns unwelcome noise from sleeping campers or late arrivals.

The camp is open seasonally and well stocked with supplies, and ready-to-eat meals at the Whitney Portal Store. There’s a fishing pond at the base of the highest pick if the summit is not in your plans. The high altitude experience is what makes thus campground stand out from the others. It’s not just about the sights, but about the feel too.

The Lone Pine Lake is great for picnicking as you view the beautiful Owens Valley below. Just like popular camps, it is advised that you make your reservations early enough, just in case.

Things to do in California

The Golden State of California is blessed with rich sceneries; natural and man-made. From its highways to art, entertainment, and technology, you cannot be bored in California. While there are so many things to do in California, the following are some that you should not miss out on. They are sure to create an interesting experience for you even after the moment is over. Check out the following things to do in California.

Visit the Wildlife at the Redwood National Park – Things to do in California

The Redwood trees have been in the United States for hundreds of years. They are also among the tallest trees in the states. The Redwood National Park is a large expanse of rich woodland, rivers, and coastline. As a result, visitors can bask in the activities the outdoor life offers. The park is home to wildlife including rare and protected species.

You can take long walks in the park as you appreciate the beauty of nature. Surrounded by tall trees or hike along its trail to have a feel of the wild. There is an 8-mile Coastal Drive experience to beat your imagination. There are information centers across the park just in case you need facts or answers. Don’t leave California without a visit to this park.

Taste Wine at the Napa Valley Winery – Things to Do in California

Camping CaliforniaThere’s no wine in California like the Napa Valley Wine. Winemaking in the Napa Valley started long before California wines were put in the limelight. Courtesy the Bottle Shock Movie of 1976. Winemakers of Napa have perfected their craft since the 1800s when early settlers planted grapevines. As a result,  you can trust every drop to be perfect.

Have a feel of the Yosemite Valley – Things to do in California

Camping CaliforniaPhotographs and pictures are great but cannot be compared to the real experience of the Yosemite Valley. Is it the height of its granite walls, the stillness in the early hours of a foggy morning or the thunderous sound of its many waters or the reverberating crack as the ice thaws in winter? Nothing can compare to the feel of being here.

The Yosemite Valley contains the beauty of nature in one geographical location. The Yosemite fall is the tallest waterfall in the United States. While the El Capitan is the world’s largest granite monolith, not forgetting the Mariposa River and Half Dome.

You’ll definitely enjoy the scenic views and delightful sounds of this popular park. However, be sure to enjoy the feel itself.

See the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco – Things to do while camping California

Camping CaliforniaThe Red Golden Bridge has been destroyed so many times in movies that you might think it not to exist anymore. It’s still there though, standing strong as always. Seeing it with your own eyes is one of the many reasons you should visit the bridge. The place where geography and design fit so well.

The views of the bridge and from the bridge are so varied that you could look at it forever. The height of its grace and beauty is the fact that it stands in one of the world’s most tumultuous water. Yes, it remains safe as safe can be.

Look at the General Sherman Tree, Sequoia National Park – Things to do in California

Camping CaliforniaThe largest tree in the world is 275 feet tall and 36.5 feet wide, an impressive structure you would say. Yet it cannot be compared to the thrilling feel trying to figure out the top of the General Sherman Tree with a width that is many times taller than you.

Close to this tree are 8 of the 20 biggest trees on the surface of the earth. Just a little bit smaller than the General Sherman Tree. Some of these trees are as old as 3500 years, such sturdiness!

I bet you wish Sequoiadendron giganteum tree could grow anywhere. However, this is impossible as the mountain terrain where it is found is the only place in the world where it can grow impressive proportions. The Kings River Canyon is also in the midst of the park where the General Sherman stands. Another reason to visit the park.

See the Hollywood Sign – Things to do in California

Hollywood exists in reality, behind the scenes and big screens. If there’s a spot that says Hollywood, it is the Hollywood sign.

Originally designed to read “Hollywoodland”, 4 of the 13 letters are no more so what we have is just “Hollywood.” Probably what it should have been from the start. This sign is a survivor. It has been through fires, vandals and even the elements, yet it remains strong. The sign has also survived real estate development and imitation attempts. It can be found on the hillside facing the Los Angeles Basin and it sits proudly so.

Don’t pass through California without seeing this sign. Don’t just see it from a distance. Visit the actual site and take pictures for memories sake and for a lesson on survival. If the Hollywood sign still stands, you can stand too!