Camping in Idaho | Ultimate Guide To The Best Idaho Campgrounds

Camping in Idaho

Let’s go camping in Idaho and explore all the beauty, wildlife, and activities that this great state has to offer. The first time I visited Idaho was when I was in college and played D1 soccer. Finally, I made the traveling team, and our first game was in Boise. I will never forget screaming, “I’m going to Boise, Boise Idaho!” I also will always remember the largest, tastiest baked potato I’ve ever had – even to this day. But in addition to potatoes, I also remember the picturesque mountains, the bald eagle I saw overhead, and the lush green country views. Idaho offers 434.5 million acres of the protected wilderness! That’s around 9% of the entire state!

Did you know that Idaho also has lava tubes and cinder cones left behind by ancient volcanic activity? You can still see many of the hot springs that resulted from these remarkable geological events. Campers will enjoy photographing these features that make you question if you are in space.

Many Idaho campgrounds feature a variety of ways to stay and enjoy it all. Camp in yurts, teepees, tents, RVs, motorhomes, cabins and more. There are so many ways to enjoy the vanilla skies, stars, and lush green atmosphere that camping in Idaho has to offer.

roof top tents

Moonshadow Ranch – Camping in Idaho

Camping in Idaho
Credit to HipCamp

Open Year-round

Price: $40

Reserve here

Want to stay at a different Idaho campground that has lush greenery surrounding your tent and a view of mountains and lakes? Then visit the Moon Shadow Ranch that offers a quiet and primitive camping in Idaho experience. You’ll be camping in one of two open fields within the mountains and under beautiful neverending skies.

You will enjoy the many recreational activities that the valley has to offer, including ATV trails, horseback riding, hiking, biking, wildlife watching, and more. Bring some binoculars to view the moose and deer commonly seen in the area, and take a closer look at King Mountain, a popular hang gliding launch point. If you are into adventure sports, fly away!

Campers will also love the stargazing at night and history buffs will enjoy dreaming in the same place as that Native Americans and pioneers. Past visitors rave about the owner of the ranch and say that he goes above and beyond to answer questions about the area and helps prepare for your stay. Sometimes he even offers campers fresh eggs from the chickens on site.

This unique Idaho campground will earn its own vacation picture book! Reserve a site now.

Redrock RV and Camping Park – Camping in Idaho

Camping in Idaho
Credit to

Open: May 10th through September 25th

Price from $55

54 sites

Reserve Here

Address: 3707 Red Rock Rd

Island Park, ID 83429

Located only 20 minutes away from the west entrance of Yellowstone Park, the Red Rock RV Camping Park offers one of the best views you will ever see while camping in Idaho. In front of your site rests dense forest and massive snow-capped mountains that make for excellent panoramic photographs.

This is one of those Idaho campgrounds that accommodates big rigs, RVs, and has a dedicated tenting area. You’re welcome to bring Fido along and enjoy a plethora of recreational activities, including swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, and more.

Have wired kids? Take them to the playground on site or entertain them with the wi-fi. And if you are the learning type, you will love the fishing information, local history, and local geology on site.

You also have access to laundry, restrooms, firewood, and a self-service RV wash. Campers will love being secluded off of the main highway – free from city noise. Visitors praise the clean facilities, competitive rates, and friendly team.

If you are planning on going camping in Idaho, you won’t want to miss the red rock RV and camping park.

Canyon Springs RV Resort – Camping in Idaho

Camping in Idaho
Credit to

Open: Year round

Price: from $42

Address: 21965 Chicago Street

Caldwell, ID 83607

Reserve Here

With a tagline of “Stay and play,” vacationers will love the Canyon Springs RV resort. Located in southwest Idaho near Tampa, Caldwell, and Boise, this rural resort includes brand new facilities, full RV hookups, and up-to-date amenities to appease any camper. It’s not often that I say that restrooms and laundry facilities are beautiful, but this Idaho campground earns this status. Even the bustling rec room appears pristine. In addition to tent and RV sites, spacious cabins are also available at Canyon Springs. You’ll enjoy the lakeside setting and free wi-fi too.

Love to fish? Check out the stocked fishing pond loaded with bass, or tan on the sandy beach. And don’t forget to visit the many golf courses and wineries nearby. I just recommend that you go to the winery after your golf game.

Fido will love the unleashed pet area, and sports enthusiasts will enjoy the fitness center, basketball court, beach volleyball, and foosball.

Canyon springs RV resort is one of those Idaho campgrounds that the whole family will enjoy.

Off-Grid Bear Lake – Camping in Idaho

Camping in Idaho
Credit to Chris W.

Open: Year round

Price $15

Reserve here

If you want to go to a primitive campsite within five acres of meadows and are willing to try some off-grid Idaho camping, then Off-Grid Bear Lake welcomes you. This is one of those very secluded Idaho campgrounds with only three bookable sites, no water, no toilets, just pure roughing it in the woods.

Hikers, bikers, and ATV riders will love this unique camping experience that has trails all around. You will enjoy the spectacular view of the open sky and stargazing at night. And for all you early risers, catch the gorgeous sunrises as you sip on a cup of joe. This is a peaceful place that’s entirely different than a bustling campground resort.

Many visitors see deer near their sites. Read under the many spectacular white birch trees, but be aware of bears who also can be seen in the area. This campground remains open year round, so if you don’t mind the cold weather, you can also go camping in the snow. Snowshoes not included.

Look out onto the beautiful meadow, a dense forest, panoramic mountains, wide open sky, and a small gravel road that led you to this calm campground. It’s not called Off-Grid Bear Lake for nothing.

There is a pit toilet available, but no showers, no wi-fi, and no RV hookups. But you do have receptacles to put your trash in that helps keep the furry wildlife away.

If you want a unique getaway off the beaten path, check this place out. Bear Lake is one of those unique Idaho campgrounds with only a few sites, not a lot of people, but beautiful views that will last a lifetime. Book your stay now!

Monroe Creek Campground and RV Park – Camping in Idaho

Camping in Idaho
Credit to

Open: Year round

Price: $27

Address: 822 Hwy 95

Weiser, ID 83672

Reserve here

Our next Idaho campground is located in Weiser, Idaho and showcases RV and tent camping, a large field, and patches of trees. Take advantage of the stacked camping store, and the full hookup sites with cable, sewer, water, and 50 amp services.

Campers will also have access to free wi-fi, pavilions, outdoor games, and water activities such as fishing and boating nearby. You will stay clean because this is one of those Idaho campgrounds with well-maintained bathrooms and showers.

You will love the small-town feel of Weiser, located near Hell’s Canyon. It’s also is home of the National Old-Time Fiddlers’ Contest. So get on on your dancing shoes, pack up your rucksack, and head on over to Monroe Creek Campground and RV Park now!

The Village of Trees RV Resort – Camping in Idaho

Camping in Idaho
Credit to

Open year-round

Price: From $32

84 sites

Address: 274 Highway 25

Declo, ID 83323

Reserve here

We now head over to Declo, Idaho. Here campers have access to groceries, laundry, self-service RV washes, restrooms, and more. Take advantage of the convenient store on site that not only allows you to stack up on food, but also gather RV and fishing supplies.

Don’t feel like cooking on the fire? Well then eat at the restaurant on site. You’ll also love the heated pool that will give you some exercise and relaxation during your stay. Have kids? They will like playing at the rec hall or playground.

During your stay, enjoy the activities on the Snake River, such swimming and fishing.

The Village of Trees RV Resort lives up to its tagline: “Rest, relax, renew,” because this is one of those Idaho campgrounds that’s surrounded by peaceful landscapes. If you enjoy sites under shady trees, this is your place because many of these quaint sites require no sunscreen.

While camping, you will have access to fantastic activities, including water skiing tours and canoe trips. You also can check out the many wineries and golf courses available for tasting and play. And don’t miss the August Spud Man Triathlon or the farmers’ markets that are held all summer.

Campers will love the hiking, rock climbing, and bird-watching available nearby.

From the beginning of this Idaho camping experience, employees will welcome you. They are excited to see tenters and RVers and will gladly escort you to your site.

You won’t want to miss this incredible campground in the woods. Book your stay now at the Village of Trees RV Resort.

Gem State RV Park Camping in Idaho

Camping in Idaho
Credit to Gem State RV Park

Open: Year round

price $25

60 sites

Address: 220 E Tenth North

Mountain Home, ID 83647

Reserve here

We now head over to Mountain Home, Idaho (perfect name) located near Bruneau Dunes State Park and Glenns Ferry. This is one of those Idaho campgrounds nestled in the wilderness, but you still have endless activities to explore nearby.

Choose from full hookup RV sites, tent sites with electric and water, rustic tent sites, or even a homie cabin. Enjoy a hundred-foot-long shaded site for your RV, wi-fi, a rec room, cable tv and satellite access, and new laundry facilities!

Want to try something different than your tent that flooded on your last trip? Then check out the cozy cabins that are handicap friendly, air-conditioned, and heated. You can rock on the front porch swing, eat at the picnic table, and sleep with Fido in your bunk bed.

And if you are into privacy, rest assured there is a large fence preventing onlookers from checking out your vacationing behavior. There also is a mixture of sunny and shaded sites depending if you like to bake or would rather read in a hammock.

Stroll around the park and visit the playground, rec hall, and camp store. You will never get bored at this Idaho Campground.

Gem state RV Park offers magnificent views of the countryside and mountains, and presents a camping experience you and your family will always remember. Book a site now for a superb family getaway in the woods.

Things to do in Idaho

Idaho has some excellent attractions that will complement your camping stay. You won’t want to miss Yellowstone National Park with geological formations that are second to none. And don’t forget the unique museums that this state offers, such as the Idaho Potato Museum where you can take a picture in front of a large potato and eat a delicious potato meal.

Or, go to the Jefferson County Historical Society museum and learn about the inventor of the  television. (Yes, he was from Idaho.) And if you want an enjoyable outdoor experience, check out the National Moon Monument where you can explore craters and other geological formations left by ancient volcanoes.

You will never be bored and will treasure the unique experiences of both indoor and outdoor attractions that Idaho has to offer. So let’s take a look at these top things to do in Idaho during your camping escape.

Yellowstone National Park – Things to Do in Idaho

Camping in Idaho
Credit to US National Parks

Open: Year round

Price: $35 per week per vehicle, $15 by foot, $25 motorcycle

Find out more here

Although mostly in Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park also has entrances in Idaho. this well-known attraction showcases geysers, hot springs, lakes, forests, mountains … The list goes on. You can also check out one of the many campsites available in the park here.

Yellowstone comes with a rich history beginning with the Paleo Indians around 11 thousand years ago! Clovis points were found by archaeologists. Early people constructed the artifacts from the obsidian cliffs. There also have been many other Paleo Indian artifacts primarily found around Yellowstone Lake. Jump ahead to the Archaic period when Native Americans utilize bows and arrows and sheep traps. It’s thought that ancestors of the crow in the mid-1600s  lived in the area. The Lakota Sioux explored the Yellowstone as well. And it’s not done there, in the 17 and 1800s fur traders traveled the area, Lewis and Clark explored nearby, and gold expeditions carried on throughout the 1800s. The history of this park is no short of spectacular.

Although visitors are now lucky to drive cars on the premises, private automobiles were not allowed until 1915. And you probably didn’t know that the U.S. Army used to be in charge of the park management, but turned it over to the National Park Service in 1918.

We could go on and on about the fabulous history of this park and all the beautiful scenes you can view, but words don’t do it justice. So if you’re camping in Idaho, make sure you do not miss this famous national park filled with indescribably history and beauty.

Idaho Potato Museum – Things to Do in Idaho

Camping in Idaho
Credit to

Open: Year Round

Price: $4.00

Address: 130 NW Main St, Blackfoot, ID 83221

For more information, check out the site here

At the beginning of our journey, I raved about Idaho’s fantastic potatoes. That is why you won’t want to miss the Idaho Potato Museum. Take a picture in front of the massive potato sculpture topped with sour cream. Learn about the early history of essential people in the industry. Educate yourself on potato processing and more at this unique museum.

Did you know that potatoes – although popular In Europe for decades – were not introduced to North America until 1621? This museum has creative exhibitions including a potato lab, potato cinema, and an assortment of potato artifacts.

And while you’re there, eat at the Potato Station cafe. There you will find not only baked potatoes with butter and other loaded toppings, but potato bread, excellent french fries, potato cupcakes, and even potato ice cream – deeelish!

And the gift shop is its unique entity as well with potato playing cards, potato magnets, potato books, and t-shirts to commemorate your excellent potato stay. This museum was established in 1988 and is 5,500 square feet. It was initially a stop off the Union Pacific Railroad. It’s now on the national register of historic places.

While camping in Idaho, you won’t want to miss the best-baked potato available in the country, and this museum offers you the history of that awesome spud on your plate.

Craters of the Moon National Monument – Things to Do in Idaho

Camping in Idaho
Credit to

Open Year Round

Price: Free

Address: 1266 Craters Loop Road Arco, Idaho

See here for more information

Want to walk on a moon-like landscape, but aren’t boarding a spaceship anytime soon? Then visit the craters of the Moon National Monument, in southeastern Idaho, where you can walk on a space-like landscape caused by volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago. Not only is pretending to be on the moon cool, but you also can explore five caves on the premises. Just don’t forget to obtain a permit from the entrance station, but no worry these permits are free.

And remember your camera because this volcanic location will make your Instagram pop. The lava flows on site cause cinder cones and sagebrush which looks a little out of place amid the forest and mountains, but makes for a great selfie! It’s almost like stepping inside a surrealist Dali painting.

Visitors can also take a spacewalk with the tour guide and learn more about the unique history behind the location.

So stay at one of the Idaho campgrounds nearby and explore “the moon” in Idaho. You’ll leave feeling a bit spacey and ready to relax again at your site.

Jefferson County Historical Society Museum – Things to Do in Idaho

Camping in Idaho
Fire Hall Gallery
Credit to

Open: Year round

Call (208) 745-8423 to confirm hours and fees

Address: 118 W 1st S, Rigby, ID 83442

Website here

Do you stay up late watching Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order, or sports? Believe it or not, the TV was invented right here in Idaho. Phil T. Farnsworth is one of the many inventors featured at this Museum that exhibits pre-electric and early electric inventions and items. You will see an eclectic mix of items such as Egyptian and Indian artifacts and the first television tube all in one place.

This remains a tremendous educational experience for kids and adults alike. Furthermore, history and TV lovers can join hands as they walk through this excellent museum.

If you’re curious about how your programs were made possible, then you will enjoy a visit to the Jefferson County Historical Society Museum.

Camping in Idaho – There’s Something for Everyone

From resort-style campgrounds in Idaho that overlook mountains and the countryside to more primitive sites located deep in the woods on a ranch, this gorgeous state has something for everyone.

Visitors will enjoy the many geological attractions left by volcanoes thousands of years ago. They also will revel in the outdoor sports: hiking, biking, and water activities. Adventures will love to explore caves, and wilderness junkies will enjoy the bald eagles, bears, deer and more.

Those who favor education experiences will enjoy the many museums in this state and the history of ancient people. They also will remain interested in the artifacts that showcase history within museums and Yellowstone.

Moreover, stargazers will not be able to get enough of the open sky.

Whether you’re staying with your family or staying on your own, camping in Idaho will provide a memorable experience that you won’t regret.

So get packing and head to one of these Idaho campgrounds now, and make sure to eat the best baked potato ever!