The Best Fishing Kayak | Reeling In The Top Rated Fishing Kayaks

So, you’re looking for the best fishing kayak out there? Many times, the quality of a fishing trip is determined by the means you have to fish. If you fish without a fishing kayak or boat, you are significantly limited to the total amount of area you can fish. While the best fishing kayaks can [...]

6 Benefits of Using a Kayak Rack to Transport Your Yak

You have several options for transporting your kayak, including the installation of a kayak rack or the addition of a tow-behind trailer. Some people choose to strap their kayak on top of their vehicle using nothing more than ratchet straps and padded foam blocks. So, what’s the best option for you? If you plan to [...]

6 Ice Fishing Tips That’ll Help You Catch More Fish

The following ice fishing tips can help improve your winter fishing game. Just because waters have frozen over doesn’t mean you must ignore your craving for fresh fish all winter. If you're anything like us, the literal need to go fishing is often stronger than the desire to eat it. Ice fishing was developed many years [...]