When it comes down to engaging with a modern audience through the internet and social media. It’s extremely difficult and at times confusing. Therefore, if you’re interested in targeting a specific audience, connecting with potential new customers, or promoting a new brand, but you have no clue how. You’ve come to the right place to learn more about creating a digital marketing strategy with Vault Cargo Management’s advertising opportunities.

Vault Cargo’s Digital Marketing Plan Options –

Vault is not only a leading brand for outdoor cargo management but with numerous articles on camping, kayaking, hiking, and other recreations activities. We have multiple opportunities for companies and brands to promote and advertise their products or services. We don’t believe advertising should be difficult or hard to get. Which is why we have created numerous digital marketing options to meet your company’s needs.

Digital Marketing Plan – Article Placement

Vault Cargo Mangement has hundreds of articles that encompass activities in the great outdoors. Which has opened up the opportunity for brands, services, campgrounds, etc. to advertise and allow our audience to find them easily. Imagine having the ability to not only reach your local residents but people traveling to your city that are out of state looking for a campground, rafting trip, or maybe camping products. The opportunity to present your brand or company to our outdoor viewers and visitors will provide great results.

How Does It Work? –

We strive to make advertising with us as easy as possible. So we want to make sure we explain the Article Placement Digital Marketing Plan correctly. For example, lets say you are a campground owner in Nebraska and you’re interested in bringing in new guests. You may put an advertisement on a billboard or newspaper, maybe even run some google ads to your website if you know what you’re doing. However, it always seems that these become extremely expensive, and they aren’t targeted to your future campers.

Instead, Vault Cargo has an article about Camping in Nebraska where we will showcase your campground’s features and details and where to make reservations. Now when a person googles ” camping in Nebraska” from anywhere in the world your campsite will be noticed and seen. No matter the time or day of the night your campsite is being advertised to people searching for a campsite near you.

As you can see the potential to reach new campers from all over the Nation is possible with this type of digital marketing plan. Not to mention the cost is a monthly no-contract fee that is 10x cheaper than billboards, or cost per click advertising.

The following are some of the article categories we service and provide marketing opportunities for. If there is a category you don’t see, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Camping –

Vault Cargo Mangement has hundreds of articles that encompass activities in the great outdoors. For example, we offer numerous articles for finding the best places to go camping or backpacking across America. From the National Parks to the best cities, Vault Cargo offers numerous options and detailed campground information for visitors to read. With the traffic and visitors, these pages have, we offer advertisement for visitors searching to find your campground.

With the ability to showcase your campground to thousands of people each month you’ll begin to start seeing occupied campsites and new travelers. Find out how you can advertise for your state or city by clicking the advertising store button below.

Kayaking & Rafting –

Millions of Americans plan kayaking and rafting trips each year. Vault Cargo has made it easy for those by offering numerous articles on places to kayak. From Florida to Boston, to California, Vault Cargo has articles that provide visitors with the top kayaking and rafting guide services across multiple states and cites. Therefore, if you’re looking to promote or advertise to new potential clients, we have numerous opportunities. Select the link below to find out where you can advertise for an extremely low fee.

Digital Marketing Plan – Banner Ads

For businesses and brands marketing is essential for increasing sales, growth, or awareness. Now thanks to the internet there are a million ways to get your message across to an audience. Which is why display ads such as banner ads are so impactful. With the ability to create visually appealing graphics, that can even be animated. It can draw to the attention of numerous potential customers.

The challenge however with display ads is that if they aren’t targeted correctly they can go unseen. If you buy ad space for your brand and it’s shown on sites where visitors wouldn’t be interested in them. You have the potential to be losing a lot of marketing dollars. Instead, you can target specific categories or even activities and market your brand or product to your exact audience. Therefore, if your brand or company is in the outdoor industry such as camping, hunting, fishing, backpacking, etc. Vault Cargo has numerous opportunities for you to target our specific audience with display ads.

Digital Marketing Plan – Email Campaigns

For businesses and brands trying to launch a new product, it can be a challenge to teach or let people know about it. However, with emails, you can target specific people and see if they are interested in your new brand or company. Email campaigns are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to advertise. However, if you don’t have a list of your own you may need to search for an email list that pertains to your potential clients.

Vault Cargo Management has a large list of outdoor enthusiasts that are always interested in the best place to go camping or the newest outdoor product. If you’re interested in launching or advertising your product with us, follow the link below to get connected with our team.

What is a Digital Marketing Plan?

A digital marketing plan is a series of strategies that allow your company to achieve it’s planned goals with online marketing channels. Now, of course, a plan can differ from one company to another. As each company has a different set of goals and ideas of what marketing channels to use. For example, one company may use channels such as social media, owned media, paid media. Whereas another company may have their own idea on what will lead to their goals. Either way, companies need to have a digital marketing plan whether it’s with a small or large budget. Because in today’s world of technology, digital marketing has become the staple for reaching new customers and clients.

Types Of Digital Marketing Plans –

The technology world is growing faster than we can keep up with it.  Therefore, it means the digital marketing channels have changed and expanded as well. Before a business can begin to build a digital marketing plan, you first need to understand the numerous digital marketing channels.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) –

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is almost exactly as it sounds, you pay each time someone clicks on your advertisement. This can be a very targeted means to advertise, but it doesn’t last long, as soon as someone goes to another page or search your ad may disappear. This channel is driven by your ability to fund it and how much you’re willing to spend. Typically, you’ll compete with other companies who are trying to advertise for the same space. As a result, the cost per click can increase with highly competitive industries.

Most of the time you can control your budget and cost per click value you wish to pay. However, it can depend on the marketing solution or media solution you’re using. Typically, if you’re using PPC you need to have a good understanding of keywords to optimize the audience you’re trying to attract.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) –

Nearly all internet traffic begins with the use of a search engine. When someone decides they need to search the internet they usually start with a search engine. However, understanding how search results appear for each keyword is an entirely different business. There are numerous companies and agencies that specialize in SEO. For example, they ensure when someone searches ” Camping in Michigan” results are shown that display the most relevant articles. SEO can involve an ever-changing series of keywords, research, content, optimization, linking, and much more. As a result, it can be difficult to master without a dedicated agency.

Email Campaigns –

Email has pretty much-overtaken mailers, and even though my inbox is usually full of offers and deals. It still is one of the most effective tools to directly reach new and existing customers. You can keep in touch, offer new deals, or promote a new product. Plus with the ability to track and see active results, email campaigns are a very effective channel.

Display Advertisment –

Every day millions of people are viewing articles, blogs, forums, and other sites that have useful content. As a result, these pages have become effective tools to show display ads to visitors. Display ads include banners, boxes, videos, side ads, and many other means to engage viewers. If you’re looking to create brand awareness or generate new traffic to your site. Display ads are an effective means to market.

Content Marketing –

When it comes to different channels of marketing, Content marketing is a staple. When good relevant content is created a brands awareness or even company website will begin to gain traction. Content can be numerous things such as text, graphics, videos, or whatever your viewers are interested in. Content marketing is one of the easiest channels to use and highly recommended in a digital marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing –

Social media is increasing faster than we ever could have imagined. With a new platform launching each year it seems like it would be a saturated market already. However, the number of people that use social media every day is increasing making it easier to reach set groups with targeted ads or content. You need to be selective on how you what to portray your brand when using social media. Plus ads can get quite out of hand if you’re not expereinced in social media. Nonetheless, its a great tool for any digital marketing plan.

How To Create A Digital Marketing Plan –

Before you create a digital marketing plan first, decide what your company goals are. For example, do you want to increase traffic, brand awareness, sales, services, reach, etc. With a set of company goals, you then can begin to look at what digital marketing channels you can afford or use to achieve those goals. Sometimes you have to trial and error things until you see good returns, however, if you start small and increase from there you can stay in budget no matter your spend.

Vault Cargo Management offers numerous digital marketing channels for the outdoor industry. Check out our advertising store or contact us today to discuss how we can help your company.