Float Trip Oklahoma: Essentials for Planning Your Adventure


Float Trip Oklahoma:

Essentials for Planning Your Adventure

 A favorite summer pastime for many people is to float down rivers, whether lazily in a tube, or on a float raft with a group of friends or family. There are many float trips in Oklahoma that are available, and all of them are safe and fun. This breaks down the top eight companies that offer Oklahoma float trips and compares pricing and activities.

Float Trip Oklahoma- Tips for Floating Safely

Many reputable float companies will practice safety training and execution to ensure that anyone who participates in the activity does so comfortably and well. On top of safety rules for all participants including children, the state of the river will determine which activities are allowed. The timing of your float trip will depend on the water level as well.

If a river is flooding or is muddy, typically no floating is allowed whatsoever. This is a common rule of thumb:

  • 6’: Children ages 10 and under can float, only in rafts.
  • 6’6”: All persons can float only in rafts.
  • 7’6”: All floating ceases.
  • Muddy water: All floating ceases.

While it may be disappointing when your trip is canceled or postponed, keep in mind that companies strictly adhere to their policies for your sake and for your safety.

Companies should also list safety rules on their websites or post them on their premises. Safety tips often include:

  • Wear your life jacket.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Watch the river in front of you.
  • Avoid logs and don’t grab onto them.
  • Stay on the inside of curves.
  • Do not tie boats together.
  • Do not dive or jump into the river.
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Do not swing from rope swings.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids.
  • No alcohol or beer.
  • No styrofoam or glass.
  • Wear water shoes or tennis shoes; it’s important that your footwear is able to stay on at all times.
  • Obey signs that say “Private Property” and “No Trespassing”.
  • Do not take any keys or other valuables with you on your float trip.
  • Don’t litter.
  • Typically, any private flotation device including inflatables are not allowed.

kayaking BannerFloat Trip Oklahoma: Things to Keep in Mind

As you book your next great floating trip and as you prepare for and embark on the trip, there are several things you should take into consideration that are essential. Importantly, some areas along rivers (depending on the location and which river you float on) have rapids. Pay attention to the class ratings of these rapids, and consider all of the expertise levels of everyone in your party as you make a reservation. Always ensure that you are up to the rafting challenges that you are signing up for. Reputable companies will always make sure that the water is safe before they allow anyone to float.

There are also typically age restrictions at any location you book at. If you have very young children, such as toddlers or infants, you will need to either get a babysitter or plan to have an adult in your party not float. It is too dangerous to bring young children onto a raft, canoe, or kayak. Some resorts do not allow any children under the age of five; others don’t allow children under seven. Restrictions will vary, so ensure that you read the details if you have young members in your party.

Usually, shuttle trips are included in the pricing. You typically will not have to worry about reaching the spot where your float trip will begin, as shuttles or buses will take you there. Many float trips also end up back at the parking lot or location of the rental center or resort itself. Due to this shuttle trip, you will have to leave the resort or rental center at specified times. Many places have a cutoff time during the day in which the last shuttle of the day leaves. You will have to plan your float trip around this timing.

While the mileage in trips is usually standard, the timing and hours of trips will vary. Timing will depend on how much you stop and hang out along the way. Many rivers have swimming holes and spots to stop and picnic. If you enjoy these, your trip may take longer. It’s recommended to stop since these activities are part of the adventure.


The Best Float Trips in Oklahoma

The following are the top eight companies located in Oklahoma where you can find your next great float trip. You can compare rates, services, hours and extent of trip, and activities.


Product #1: Riverbend Floats

Credit to Riverbend Floats

Riverbend Floats is located along a very scenic section of the Illinois River, and it provides equipment and boats that are clean and fresh. Its location is peaceful and uncrowded. The company is very family friendly and holds itself to a standard of providing your family and group with a river experience that’s amazing. With Riverbend Floats, you can be happy and enjoy the best float trip Oklahoma has to offer!

Raft Rates: 

  • Short Trip: $25/person (2-4 hours/6 miles)
  • Around the Mountain: $29/person (4-8 hours/12 miles). This float has a strict cutoff at 9am, and if the river is low or great winds are predicted, floats for this trip will do the Short Trip.

Kayak Rates:

  • Short Trip: $25/person (2-4 hours/6 miles)
  • Around the Mountain: $29/person (3-6 hours/12 miles). This trip has a strict cutoff at 9am.
  • Kayaks do have space for a smaller cooler, so bring your own strap in order to secure your cooler.

Tandem Kayak Rates:

  • Short Trip: $23/person (2-4 hours/6 miles)
  • Around the Mountain: $28/person (3-6 hours/12 miles), again 9am cutoff.
  • A single person who rents a tandem kayak will have to pay the two-person price.
  • These kayaks also have small cooler space, so bring your strap.

Canoe Rates:

  • Short Trip: $25/person (2-4 hours/6 miles)
  • Around the Mountain: $29/person (3-6 hours/12 miles), 9am cutoff.
  • A single person renting a canoe must pay the two-person price.
  • More than two people in a single canoe is an extra $20.

Tube Rates:

  • Short Trip: $20/person (2-5 hours)
  • Weekday special: Tube float $18/person

Additional Information:

  • Late fees: All boats are due back at the landing no later than 7pm; any boats that arrive after will be charged a late fee of $50. Any boat that arrives after 8pm will receive a $100 late fee.
  • No refunds on floats; Riverbend Floats operates rain or shine. Rain checks are offered if river levels are unsafe.


Product #2: Riversport OKC

Credit to River Sport OKC

Riversport OKC is a project sponsored by a nonprofit foundation that aims to allow people opportunities to do more and be more than they believed possible. The focus is on fitness, fun, and challenging experiences to uphold the belief that a healthy lifestyle is at the core of daily life.

The foundation has developed RIVERSPORT Adventure Parks and accompanying programs which offer great outdoor adventures for the entire family. These activities include climbing walls, sailing, tubing, whitewater rafting, zip lines, slides, adventure courses, paddle boarding, and kayaking. When you buy a pass, you support nonprofit initiatives that benefit youth programs and training, equipment, and facilities for Olympic hopefuls. There are three Riversport Adventure Parks: one in the Boathouse District, one at Lake Overholser, and one at Lake Hefner.

Boathouse District Passes

  • RIVERSPORT Pass: $49/day, $179/season. Includes whitewater rafting, tubing, river boarding, and all land and flatwater activities.
  • Sky Zip Pass: $10
  • Optional Advance Rafting Reservation: $5/person
  • Epic Pass: $79/day, $239/season. Includes all Riversport Pass activities plus concierge service, VIP locker access, two daily raft trips, express line for pass purchases, express line at the Sky Zip, and 10% discount at Big Water Grill.
  • Lifestyle Pass: $60/month; save $120 paying annually. This pass allows Riversport Adventures and Rapids, as well as fitness and lessons for a full year.
  • Whitewater Kayaking: $29 (you must have your own gear)

Lake Overholser Passes:

  • Adventure Pass: $39/day ($29 for youth) or $99 for the season. Includes land adventures such as Extreme Swing, Stunt Jump, Climbing Wall, SandRidge Sky Trail, Sky Slides, Rumble Drop, Cloud Bounce, Adventure Climb, and Extreme Air Jumper.
  • Single Experience/Rental: $19.

Lake Hefner Passes:

  • RIVERSPORT Lake Hefner Single Experience/Rental: $19. Includes one hour of flatwater kayaking.

General Passes:

  • Adventure Pass: $39/day; $29 for youth ages seven and under. Includes land adventures such as SandRidge Sky Trail, Sky Slides, Rumble Drop, Extreme Air Jumper, Sky Tykes, Kid Zip, Cloud Bounce, Climbing Wall, Extreme Swing, Stunt Jump, and Double Zip Line.
  • Paddlesport Pass: $99 for the season. Includes flatwater kayaking and stand up paddle boarding in all three areas of Riversport OKC.
  • Youth Zone: $10/day, ages seven and under only.
  • Single Experience: $19. Choose one: SandRidge Sky Zip, SandRidge Sky Trail, or Slide the Rapids.
  • Hourly Rental: $19. One hour of stand up paddle boarding or one hour of flatwater kayaking.
  • Parking/Bike Park Season Pass: $29. Includes access to the Riversport Bike Park as well as a full season of parking.


 Product #3: Falcon Floats

Credit to Falcon Floats

Falcon Floats is located near Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and they offer a great spot where you can float the most scenic and beautiful part of the Illinois River. Trips range from several hours to all day, and life preservers, paddles, boats, and transportation are all provided for you. Each trip brings you around and provides beautiful views of Sparrowhawk Mountain. Trips that extend to 12 and 16 miles will bring you past four scenic locations that are state designated.

Kayak Rentals:

  • Either one or two-man kayaks
  • Room for small to medium-sized ice chest
  • $20/person, 1 to 3 hours/2 miles
  • $23/person, 2 to 3 hours/8 miles
  • $28/person, 3 to 6 hours/13 miles
  • $32/person, 6 to 9 hours/16 miles

Raft Rentals:

  • Rafts are designed for four to six adults, with a four-person minimum to six-man rafts.
  • $20/person, 1 to 3 hours/4 miles
  • $23/person, 3 to 6 hours/8 miles
  • $28/person, 4 to 8 hours/13 miles
  • Children ages 10 and under who are riding as a fifth or sixth rider are $5/person.

 Canoe Rentals:

  • Canoes accommodate two to three people.
  • $18/person, 1 to 3 hours/2 miles
  • $20/person, 2 to 3 hours/8 miles
  • $23/person, 3 to 6 hours, 13 miles
  • $28/person, 6 to 9 hours, 16 miles
  • $38/person, overnight/27 miles
  • $60/person, 3 days/57 miles
  • Children ages 10 and under who are riding as a third party are $4/person.

Tube Rentals:

  • $16/person, 2-5 hours
  • Available for 2-mile trip only
  • Square cooler that fits inside tube: $10


Product #4: Arrowhead-Thunderbird Resort

Credit to Arrowhead-Thunderbird Resort

The Arrow-Thunderbird Resort offers cozy cabins and camping that is secluded along the Illinois River on top of providing rentals for canoes, kayaks, and rafts for great prices.  The resort is located near the scenic Highway 10 and aims to provide their guests with personal, blissful vacations. Their cabins host anywhere from two to 64 people, and you’re welcome to kayak or canoe to any of their beautiful campgrounds. This resort is a fantastic option for a float trip Oklahoma getaway for a weekend or longer.

Rafting Rates:

  • $25/person, 1-3 hours/6 miles
  • $30/person, 3-5 hours/12 miles
  • Rafts can hold two to 10 people.
  • Minimum rates (if only two people are in the raft): Trip A $65; Trip B $75.
  • Children ages nine and younger are $10 each, at least two adults in the raft required.


  • $25/person, 1-3 hours/6 miles
  • $30/person, 3-5 hours/12 miles
  • Aluminum canoes have two or three seats.
  • Minimum rates for only one adult in a canoe: Trip A $50; Trip B $60.
  • Children ages nine and younger are $10 each, minimum of two adults per raft required.


  • 1-man trip: $25, 1-3 hours/6 miles
  • 1-man trip: $30, 3-5 hours/12 miles
  • 2-man trip: $50, 1-3 hours,6 miles
  • 2-man trip: $60, 3-5 hours/12 miles
  • 1 or 2-person kayaks


Product #5: All American Floats

Credit to All American Floats

All American Floats is proud to offer great prices, services, and scenery along the Illinois River. All its routes, whether it’s the four-mile, 9-mile, or 14-mile route, are group and family friendly. Each routes pass by beach areas and swimming holes, and depending on your skillset or preference, you can float or tube lazily or take on challenging rapids. Groups of 15 or more, members of the military or veterans, and members of the police force all get discounts. All of All American’s tubes come with a headrest and a cup holder, so you can float in complete comfort.


  • $20/person, 2-3 hours/4 miles
  • $25/person, 3-6 hours/9 miles
  • $29/person, 6-9 hours/14 miles


  • $20/person, 2-3 hours/4 miles
  • $25/person, 3-6 hours/9 miles
  • $29/person, 6-9 hours/14 miles


  • $20/person, 2-3 hours/4 miles
  • $25/person, 3-6 hours/9 miles
  • $29/person, 6-9 hours/14 miles


  • $15/person, 2-5 hours

 Other rates and deals:

  • Cooler tubes at $10 each.
  • Camping at $17 per location per night.
  • Best deal: nine-mile float trip for only $20/person Monday-Friday.
  • Children ages 10 and younger may float and tube as an extra rider for $5 each.


 Product #6: Riverside Resort

Credit to Riverside Resort

Riverside Resort is located in a beautiful spot along the Illinois River and is perfect for all your vacationing needs. The resort offers cabins, group lodging, and camping on top of float trips where you can choose to use rafts, canoes, or kayaks. Cabins include full amenities, fire rings, and picnic tables, so you can enjoy the outdoors even during your stay. Group lodges have full-sized kitchens, common areas, and are air conditioned. Lodging is perfect for large families, reunions, or groups of friends. Camping is only $15/night, and Riverside also hosts an RV campsite, so you can hook up your RV as well.


  • $24/person, 6-mile trip, 2-3 hours
  • $29/person, 12-mile trip, 4-6 hours
  • Rafts must have four adults minimum.
  • Tandem kayaks must have at least two adults.
  • Canoes must have at least two adults.
  • No 12-mile trips after 10:30am.
  • No 6-mile trips after 2pm.

 Pricing for Children (Ages 12 and Under):

  • 6-mile trip: $12
  • 12-mile trip: $14
  • Rafts: Once the four-adult minimum is met, children are ½ price.
  • Canoes: Once the two-adult minimum is met, children are ½ price.


 Product #7: Wild Goose Canoe and Kayak Rentals

Credit to Wild Goose Canoe & Kayak Rental

Greg Campbell and Darla Grant privately own and operate Wild Goose Rentals. It’s located in Southeast Oklahoma along the scenic lower Mountain Fork River. The lower Mountain Fork River is fed by Broken Bow Lake and is regulated by the U.S. Corps of Engineers, so the water is usually cold and crystal clear. The flow of the river is generally great, even if it’s the middle of the summer, in order to enhance the habitat of German Bow Trout and Rainbow Trout which stock the river regularly. This river and location are excellent for fishing, sightseeing, kayaking, and canoeing. If you love nature and the outdoors, you’ll love the Mountain Fork and Wild Goose services for a fantastic float trip Oklahoma is known for.


  • Canoe: 5 miles, $50/person
  • Canoe: 8 miles, $60/person
  • Kayak: 5 miles, $35/person
  • Kayak: 8 miles, $40/person
  • Tandem (2-person) kayak: 5 miles, $50
  • Tandem kayak: 8 miles, $60


Product #8: Yippie Kayo Kayaks

Credit to Yippie Kayo Kayaks

If you love kayaking and outdoor fun is your thing, you can enjoy nature at its finest at Yippie Kayo Kayaks, located in southeastern Oklahoma along the beautiful Mountain Fork River. You can have an adventure with all your friends and family with a trip down one of the most pristine and greatest rivers within the four-state area. The river has abundant wildlife, scenery that hasn’t changed for hundreds of years, and cypress trees. The Trail of Tears went through the area, and there are other historical sites nearby.

Areas –

The first area you’ll float through is the “rock gardens”, then you’ll pass the chute to cascade down Presbyterian Falls, which are small 2 ½ foot waterfalls. As you continue, you’ll see a gravel bar along the river on the right side. This area is known as Cooper Creek. Further down, you’ll be able to exit on the left side of the river, and you’ll know where to get off as you see the newly-built bridge. You can pull the boats out by the wooden fence at Skippa Rock. Small dogs are allowed to float with you; however, larger dogs may cause issues, so use your own judgement if you would like to bring your animals on the trip.


  • Kayaks: $30/person for 3 miles
  • Tandem kayaks (2 people): $50 total for 3 miles
  • Float Monday-Thursday and get $5 off.
  • Double the fun: do the three-mile float two times, only $45 total for a single kayak and $75 for a double kayak. Note: must be back at the pickup point by noon in order to embark on the river for a second trip.


Float Trip Oklahoma- Conclusion

Oklahoma is a great state for outdoor adventures and for activities that allow you to enjoy the best of nature. Whether you’d like to camp, stay in a cabin, hang out with your friends in a group lodge, hook up your RV, participate in zip lines and other fun land activities, or go out on the water by rafting, tubing, canoeing, kayaking, or paddle boarding, Oklahoma’s rivers are great locations for everything. Just browse the resorts above and compare activities and pricing in order to discover the best rental place for you.


Whether you’re on the Illinois River or other smaller rivers such as the Mountain Fork, you’re guaranteed to have fun that lasts all day as you make memories for a lifetime. Just make sure you follow your resort’s safety policies, put on sunscreen, stay hydrated, and most importantly, always wear your lifejacket.