Glacier National Park Camping | Guide to Glacier National Park Campgrounds


Glacier National Park Camping is always a beautiful experience that leaves warm memories. Whether you choose to camp when the weather is neutral, rainy or snowy, there’s an air about the park that’s refreshing. The park has magnificent mountains that grace its landscape with wildlife as real as nature itself, it’s an experience better felt than imagined. Every nook and cranny of the Glacier National Park leaves you in awe.

Glacier National Park Campgrounds offer you the opportunity to watch nature come alive in the sound of quiet and rushing waters, the wind as it moves and the sight of the flora and fauna species as they own their habitats. Camping Near Glacial National Park enables you to watch an amazing array of stars from your tent, trailer or RV by brilliant-blue lakes in such a magical way that will make you wonder where you have been all your life.

You can enjoy glacier national park camping alone or with friends and loved ones. The more, the merrier. The Glacier Park Campgrounds are beautifully tucked away in and around the camp, structured to ensure that your Glacier National Park camping experience is the best.

Here, we’ll highlight Glacial National Park Campgrounds and Camping Near Glacial National Park as we bring you the best of Glacial National Park camping for a delightful camping experience.

Apgar Campground – Glacial National Park Camping


Apgar Campground is a beautiful campground and the largest in the Glacial National Park Area.  It is located close to the Apgar village, near the west entrance of the park. The village also has a camp store, restaurant, visitor center, restaurants and gift store. Additionally with facilities for horseback riding, shuttle services, and picnics.

The Apgar campground is perfectly situated amidst trees. This allows for privacy for campers and shade for RVs and Tent camping. It is few hundred meters away from Lake McDonald. The largest lake in Glacier Park, the Lake McDonald Lodge, and the Avalanche Lake. There are 194 campsites available, 265 of these can accommodate RVs and trailer combos. The camp also has potable water, restroom facilities, a disposable station and a shuttle service. There are trails for hiking, long strolls, and sightseeing.

The village nearby can provide you with necessary camp supplies, canoe and kayak rentals inclusive.

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Fish Creek Campground- Glacial National Park Campgrounds


Fish Creek campground is the second largest campground in the park. It is located on the western side of the park and allows for reservations.

The campground is in the midst of a lovely forest with 178 campsites that are well spaced and have rooms for RVs, Tents and Full hook-ups. Hence, the Glacier Mountains serve as a picturesque background while the Lake McDonald. An excellent fishing spot, provides a pretty scenic view in front. The weather in the campground is not really predictable; it pays to be pretty prepared for any kind of weather condition. It is a perfect campground for hiking, morning and evening drives picnics, fishing, swimming, wildlife viewing and other outdoor related activities.

There are a whole lot of trees on the campsites that serve to offer shade and privacy to campers. In addition, the camp has potable water, restroom facilities, running water and flush toilets inclusive.

The fish creek campground allows campers to have fun and catch glimpses of wildlife in a natural state. It is home to about 70 animal species such as the gray wolf, grizzly bear, lynx, and Wolverine. There is also a vast range of bird species present such as golden eagles and harlequin ducks inclusive

Grizzly and black bears are common sights in the area hence the need for strict food regulations.

Glacier National Park Camping

Bowman Lake Campground- Camping Near Glacial National Park


The Bowman Lake Campground is an ideal campground for lovers of quiet environment even outdoors.

It can be found in the North Fork area of Glacier. Mountains grace the pristine Bowman Lake area. The campground, which is just by the tree shore with trees for shade and privacy. Offers campers a serene environment to relax in its remote location.  You will, however, need mosquito nets or repellents to avoid the mosquitoes that often love to camp in the lake area.

The camp has potable water from water spigots in the campground, nearby pit toilets, picnic areas and hiking trails. Canoe, fishing and kayak lovers will enjoy the Bowman Lake best. Motorized vessels with 10 horsepower or less can be used on the Bowman Lake.

Sites are available based on a first-come, first-serve basis. Trailer, trucks, and RVs are not encouraged at Bowman Lake. Mostly, because of the uneven nature of the road that leads to the campground.  Turning vehicles around properly on the road is usually a herculean task

The Bowman Lake Campground also offers primitive camping based the nature of the road and the weather. Campers are usually advised to take their own drinking water along as there won’t be water available in camp.

Kintla Lake Campground- Glacial National Park Campgrounds


Kintla Lake Campground is the most remote front country and car-camping campground in the area. It is located in North Fork, about 40 miles from Canadian Border and west entrance. Therefore, the campground is on the Kintla Lake in the midst of trees that provide cover, shade and a filtered view of the mountain-circled lake.

The camp is usually sparse and quiet because of its remote location. As a result, this makes it one of the best places if you need to be alone or clear your head. The scenery on the road that leads to the Kintla Lake campground is so beautiful that you’ll forget the slow and bumpy ride to the grounds. There is a hand pump for potable water and the camp has pit toilets and there is a hand pump for potable water.

For those who canoe and kayak, Kintla Lake is a paddler’s haven for those who canoe or kayak with the exception of motor crafts.  Fisherman will love the Kintla Lake for its trout.  Hikers should come boot-ready as there are day hikes and extended trips options near the campground.

The nature of the dirt road that leads to the campground does not allow for the use of RVs, trucks, and trailers. Sites are available on first-come, first-serve terms. There is primitive camping here too but it depends on the road and weather condition. Campers are usually advised to take their own drinking water along as there won’t be water available in camp.

Many Glacier Campground- Camping Near Glacier National Park


Glacier National Park CampingThe Many Glacier Campground in the famous Many Glacier Area of Glacier National Park is an all-time favorite campground and popular for all the right reasons. It is an ideal place for camping if you are interested in exploring the Glacial National Park experience.

Located on the east side of the park, amidst a scenic landscape, there are magnificent mountains at every turn.  The Many Glacier Campground has 103 campsites; 41 for advance reservations and 62 for first-come-first-served terms. There are trees to provide shade for tent and RV campers. Though only 13 sites can accommodate vehicles with lengths up to 35 feet. Pets are allowed in camp.

Towering mountains surround you in nearly all directions. As a result, attractions around include Mount Henkel to the north. The towering Grinnell Point to the south and the captivating Swiftcurrent Creek that also runs to the south

The popularity of this campground means that getting a spot can be difficult. Therefore, It is recommended that you make reservations on time or try to get to the campground as early as possible to secure a campsite before it fills up for the day. Bring your binoculars to view wildlife. Hiking is done in groups, noisy groups to avoid surprise encounters with bears. A bear pepper spray will make you feel better, take one along.

Potable water is accessible in the campground with well-equipped restroom facilities and utility sinks for gray water disposal. Primitive camping is available during primitive camping season and campers are advised to bring their own drinking water

Activities –

Activities here include backpacking, birding, boating, campfire programs, hiking, touring, fishing, scenic driving, guided interpretative walks, horseback riding, kayaking, mountain climbing, picnicking, water sports and wildlife viewing with the required facilities available for use.

Grizzly and black bears frequent the area hence food storage regulations are strictly enforced. Campsites from #88- #102 are generator free sites, while other sites allow the use of generators during specific hours of the day. The closest phone service in the area is in the town of Babb, MT, some few miles away.

Mary Campground- Glacial National Park Camping


St. Mary Campground is the largest campground on the east side of the Glacial National Park. Aspen trees offer sparse shade but this is complemented with mountain views of East Flattop, Red Eagle, and Singleshot Mountains.

St. Mary takes reservations (it is actually one of the only two campgrounds in Glacier Park that does this) and free sites can be gotten on the basis of first-come, first-served. There are also times when all the sites are available on the basis of first-come, first-served. It all depends on when the camp opens. As a result, primitive camping is available as well as winter camping. Winter camping is free but requires a valid park entrance pass. Therefore, campers are also advised to come with their own drinking water for either primitive or winter camping. The campground has potable water. There also is restroom facilities provide flush toilets and sinks with running water.

The St. Mary Entrance is the gateway to the Going To The Sun Road, a world-famous attraction in Glacier Park. The campground is less than a mile from St Mary town which has a general store, grocery store, camp store, gas, cabins, hotels, and restaurants. There’s also a free shuttle service to take you to Going To The Sun Road, the Logan Pass and the Logan Pass Visitor Centre.

What the St. Mary Campground lacks in shade, it makes up for it with aspen trees and beautiful views of the Glacier Park Mountains located in the area. This makes it an ideal site for hiking, sightseeing and taking tours along scenic trails.

Two Medicine Campground- Glacier National Park Campgrounds


The Two Medicine Campground can be found in the impressive Two Medicine Area of the Glacier National Park. A place to experience what real camping feels like. It’s one of the best-kept secrets the Glacier National Park has in its depths. Hence, the landscape is breathtaking, the scenery is incredible and the feel of being here is indescribable.

Located about 13 miles of the East Glacier town. It offers endless hiking opportunities in and around the famed Two Medicine Lake. Famous mountains that dot the landscape include the Painted Teepee Mountain, Sinopah Mountain, Mount Helen and Lone Walker Mountain, Grizzly Mountain, and the Rising Wolf Mountain. In fact, the Glacier National Park campground is directly under the Rising Wolf Mountain. The tallest mountain in the area.

So, this is a perfect camping spot for mountain lovers. Therefore, there’s no end to the beauty of the views; the Two Medicine Mountains to the west, the North Shore Trail and the Pitamakan Trail, gateways to some the most spectacular hikes in Glacier National Park.