Grand Teton Camping

Grand Teton Camping | Your Guide to Grand Teton National Park Camping


There’s nothing more inspiring to a new or veteran camper than Grand Teton camping. Whether it’s being in the shadows of the Grand Teton mountain range during the day, or staring at the stars at night, there’s just something magical, timeless, and wild about Grand Teton camping in or near Jackson. If you’re thinking “Jackson Hole,” when you think Grand Teton, think again. Most people don’t know that Jackson Hole is actually the name of a valley. The town of Jackson is located at the southern end of Jackson Hole.

Grand Teton Camping

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Grand Teton National Park has six campgrounds located inside the park boundaries:

Each campground offers excellent facilities, as well as the perfect place to take a family with kids, or camp alone or with a friend or two. There’s so much to do it’s easy to stay for a week or more. People flock to the campgrounds in large numbers during the warmer months, enjoying the scenery, hiking, solitude, and outdoors.

At Grand Teton National Park, all campgrounds are first-come, first-served, except two. You can make advance reservations for group camping at Colter Bay RV Park and Headwaters Campground and RV sites at Flagg Ranch. Fees vary, depending on whether your site has electric hook-ups and full hook-ups, but in general, it costs $22 per night and $11 for Senior and Access pass holders.

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How to Get a Senior Pass for Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton

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A senior pass allows those age 62 or over to receive a 50 percent discount on some amenity fees charged for facilities and services such as camping, swimming, boat launch, and specialized interpretive services. The Senior Pass generally does NOT cover or reduce special recreation permit fees or fees charged by concessionaires.

  • $80 Lifetime Senior Pass
  • $20 Annual Senior Pass

Passes may be purchased by U.S. citizens or permanent residents age 62 or over. Applicants must provide documentation of age and residency or citizenship.

How to purchase:

You may buy a Senior Pass at any federal recreation site, or online through the USGS store, or through the US mail. NOTE: There is an additional cost of $10 for passes purchased online or by mail.

About Grand Teton Camping and Campgrounds

Grand Teton

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When Grand Teton camping there are only five campgrounds inside the park, it’s helpful to know which campground is best for you and your family, gear, vehicle situation.

RVs and Trailers

RVs and trailers are best suited at Colter Bay RV Park and Headwaters Campground (at Flagg Ranch), where there are full hook-ups, showers, and laundry.

Group Camping

Groups can be accommodated at Colter Bay and Gros Ventre Campgrounds. Advance reservations are required. Call 307-543-3100.

Backcountry Camping

Overnight backcountry camping is permitted only in designated areas. A permit is required for all overnight trips. Permits are available on a first come first served basis and can be picked up at the Colter Bay Visitor Center, Craig Thomas Discovery Center, and the Jenny Lake Ranger Station. Advanced reservations can be made on 30% of the available permits via fax, mail, or in person between January 1 and May 15. Campsites range from lakeshore sites that allow fires to higher elevation sites that do not, including some remote areas above 7,000 feet.

Wildlife in Grand Teton National Park

There is a diverse population of wildlife both inside and outside Grand Teton National Park. Expect to see everything from moose, elk, and grizzly bears while Grand Teton camping in, or moving about the park. There are 61 species of mammals that live along the Teton Range. They are found in each of the four major communities in the park: alpine, forest, sagebrush flats, and wetlands. The ones that pose a potential threat to campers, hikers and visitors are larger mammals, although snakes, and anything with teeth, like badgers, chipmunks, wolverines,  weasels can do damage as well if you try to feed, pet, or approach them.

Grand Teton Camping

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Bears in the Park

Bears thrive in Grand Teton National park, and why wouldn’t they? It’s protected from hunters, and they have no natural predators there. So, you may actually encounter a bear anywhere, anytime—including any campground you’re staying in.

When Grand Teton camping Get the bear brochures at any visitor center or campground office and practice Bear safety.

Never store food, garbage or toiletries in tents. Improperly stored or unattended food will be confiscated and you could be cited and fined. Properly store food, drinks, coolers & food boxes, stoves & grills, cookware (clean or dirty), toiletries including bug repellent and sunscreen, pet food and bowls. Place all garbage in a bear-resistant dumpster.

Grand Teton Camping

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Moose in the Park

Biologist Jessy Coltrane once told CBS News. “Assume every moose is a serial killer standing in the middle of the trail with a loaded gun.” Moose are among the most dangerous, regularly encountered animals in the world. Moose prefer to leave humans alone, but if disturbed, surprised, or threatened they are known to respond by charging with aggression. They attack more people annually than bears do, and they are especially aggressive when defending a calf.

About 800 moose live in Yellowstone, and Grand Teton National park, so if you’re there long enough, you’re bound to see one (or more!). Moose are actually part of the deer family. They can weigh as much as 1,500 pounds and can be as tall as 7-feet at the shoulder, although most male moose weighs about 1,000 pounds and are 6-feet tall at the shoulder. Their only natural predators are grizzly bears, wolves, and humans. These gentle giants may appear friendly, but they are actually more dangerous than grizzly bears! So watch out for them when Grand Teton camping.

Grand Teton Camping

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Wolves in the Park

There has only been one documented wolf attack in the United States, so ignore the scary reports and Hollywood depictions of wolves on the prowl for juicy campers. They’re more likely to run from you than attack you unless they feel threatened or are protecting their young or their den.

Use common sense and keep your distance. You’re actually more likely to hurt them by driving too fast at night and striking one crossing the road.

Grand Teton Campgrounds Inside the National Park

Gros Ventre – Grand Teton Camping

Grand Teton Camping

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4800 Gros Ventre Road

Moose, WY 83012

Phone: (307) 543-3100


If you want to make sure you and your family see some elk or moose, this is the campground where you want to stay. Because it’s located right next to the local elk refuge, it’s easy to ensure you’ll see both moose and elk during your stay. Located 11.5 miles southeast of Moose, it’s close to Jackson as well. This is a very large campground, with 350 sites 5 group sites. It’s a first come, first served campground, so arrive early (before 10 a.m.) if you want to ensure a site. You can make reservations for the group sites by calling (307) 543-3100.

There are flush Toilet Facilities, but there are no showers, no electricity, or laundry facilities on site. The nearest shower and laundry is in Colter Bay Village—about a 35-minute drive from the campground. All campsites include a picnic table, a fire pit, and parking for one RV or two cars. Nearby bathrooms include flush toilets and cold running water. Generators are permitted, and there are RV sites and a dump station. The campground can accommodate RVs up to 45-feet long. There is a separate space for a car if you’re towing one. You can find all the services and amenities you would expect in a larger town, in Jackson, Wyoming. When you enter Grand Teton National Park, be sure to get the park newspaper so you can see when the ranger-led programs, nightly campfire talks, and other events are being held at the Gros Ventre Campground amphitheater.

Amenities Include:

  • Dump Station
  • Flush toilets
  • Cold running water (potable)

Headwaters Campground and RV Sites at Flagg Ranch – Grand Teton Camping

Grand Teton Camping

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Do you want or need a more developed campground with more amenities? Or, do you want to stay in between the entrances to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park and visit both? Then Headwaters Campground is probably the place for you.

The campground is located on the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway between Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, five miles north of Grand Teton and just south of Yellowstone’s South Entrance. Amenities include showers, laundry facilities and full hook-ups for your RV. With 175 large sites, it is open early June through late September. It can accommodate vehicles up to 30 feet.

Plan on kicking back and relaxing and getting away from technology as cell phone service and WiFi aren’t available. Headwaters is a great basecamp for fly fishing trips, guided trips through Yellowstone and Grand Teton, horseback riding, wildlife viewing, photography, and so much more. There’s an onsite restaurant, saloon, and a morning coffee bar with grab and go lunch options, but make your reservations early.

You can pitch a tent, pull up in your RV, or rent a Camper cabins. The cabins are scattered throughout the property and include bunk beds, picnic tables, an outdoor fire pit, and easy access to public restrooms and laundry facilities.

For something more luxurious, book one of the Headwaters Cabins, which include queen and king beds, a private bathroom, patio, coffee maker, and in some cases mini fridge and microwave. From your doorstep you’ll enjoy hiking trails, access to the Snake River, and other outdoor activities.

Jenny Lake – Grand Teton Camping

Grand Teton Camping

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Phone: (307) 543-2811


Surrounded by large boulders and evergreen trees, Jenny Lake Campground is the most popular campground in the park. Situated within walking distance from Jenny Lake this campground is right along the Grand Teton National Park bike path. Jenny Lake Campground accommodates tent camping only. Part of the attraction of this campground is its proximity to the lake coupled with the fact that it is a tent-only campground. No RVs, pop-ups or trailers are allowed.

The campground has 49 individual tent campsites and 10 sites designated for hikers and bicyclists. There are no group sites at Jenny Lake. Campsites are available on a first come, first served basis. June through September the campground typically fills daily by 9 AM or earlier.

All campsites have a picnic table, a fire pit, and nearby flush toilets. There are no shower facilities on site, but several facilities are within a short drive. Its just eight miles north of Moose, Wyo., and a short distance from Jenny Lake. You’ll want to get here early to reserve your spot since the 49-site campground tends to fill up before 10 a.m. It’s open early May through late September. A camp store offers firewood, ice, clothing, souvenirs, and snacks and best of all, it is only a 5-minute walk or less from your site.

Amenities Include:

  • Flush Toilets
  • Proximity to lake
  • Proximity to Grand Teton National Bike path
  • Camp store

Lizard Creek – Grand Teton Camping

Grand Teton Camping

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Lizard Creek campground is in the northern part of Grand Teton National Park, between Flagg Ranch campground and Colter Bay campground. Even with 60 sites, it’s a fairly quiet campground with a limited season. Only vehicles 30 feet or less are permitted in this campground. There are 13 sites for RVs, the rest are for tent and car camping. There are no showers, no dump station, and no laundry here.

The seaons here is short so don’t count on Lizard Creek being open in the spring or later fall. It has very limited operating hours due to it’s more secluded location. It’s open mid-June through early September. It tends to fill up in the evening, if at all. Some of the camping sites up on the bluff offer amazing views of the northern Jackson Lake area. Sites are in a spruce and fir forest, offering some privacy and shade.

Lizard Creek Campground is easy to access from Yellowstone’s South Entrance as it is located on the north end of the park 32 miles north of Moose, Wyoming. It sits slightly above the northern shores of Jackson Lake.

This is a more remote section of the park and is home to moose and elk in the offseason. Over the past decade, the area has also become increasingly populated by grizzly bears. Practicing proper grizzly bear country precautions is very advisable at Lizard Creek. Check the campground facts below for exact times. Lizard Creek offers modern restrooms.

 Amenities Include:

 Generators allowed

  • Potable water available
  • Pets allowed
  • Fishing at Jackson Lake, Lizard Creek

Signal Mountain Lodge and Marina – Grand Teton Camping

Grand Teton Camping

Float Trip at Snake River
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Shipping and Mailing Address:

Signal Mountain Lodge #50

1 Inner Park Rd.

Moran, Wyoming 83013-0050

Phone: Signal Mountain Lodge Reservations: (307) 543-2831

Signal Mountain Lodge & Marina, offers the only lakefront accommodations in the park. For those who want to be close to amenities like a marina, camp store, and Signal Mountain Lodge, this is the place for you.

If you’re camping in a tent, trailer, or RVs enjoy camping on the shore of Jackson Lake at either the Signal Mountain or Lizard Creek Campgrounds. Just plan to get there early as both campgrounds tend to be full by noon during the busiest months of the season.

Just nine miles north of Jenny Lake, Signal Mountain Campground has 81 sites, 24 of them with electric hook-up sites and a dump station. The sites here tend to be smaller and only accommodate vehicles 30 feet or under. Signal Mountain Campground is a first-come-first-served only (no advance reservations) campground. Each campsite offers a picnic table and iron campfire ring. It offers restrooms with cold running water.  The nearby Signal Mountain Lodge offers a Public Shower and laundromat facility for all National Park visitors.

Only 1 vehicle and 6 people allowed per campsite. All pets must remain on a leash and must be attended to at all times. Check out time is 11 AM and the maximum stay allowed is 14 nights. Neither campground offers group campsites.

Colter Bay –  Grand Teton Camping

Grand Teton Camping

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Phone: (307) 543-3100

Colter Bay Campground is located 25 miles north of Moose, Wyoming. It has 335 sites, (175 of which are RV sites), 11 group sites, 13 electric hookup sites, trailer dump station, showers, and laundry nearby. The RV spots can accommodate up to 45 ft. length motor homes or trailers. The Campground also offers 13 electric ADA-accessible hookups. All sites have picnic tables and fire rings. With all those sites you’d think it’d fill quickly, but if it fills up at all, it’s usually in the afternoon. Colter Bay is a wooded campground with larger sites and easier access if you are traveling with a camper, trailer, or RV. It’s close to Jackson Lake with many nearby activities.

Bear boxes are available for most tent sites. They have 22 restrooms with running water and flush toilets. Showers and coin operated laundry services are available for an additional fee at the Colter Bay Launderette, which is just a short walk away.

All individual campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Advance reservations are only taken for group sites. Sites generally fill daily between noon and 3pm from mid-June to mid-August.

Set against a backdrop of Wyoming’s spectacular mountain scenery this camp is a great base camp for all kinds of backcountry recreation. Tent sites are available on a first come, first serve basis but you can book RV sites in advance.

Amenities Include:

Showers & Laundry nearby

  • Dump Station
  • Flush toilets

Campgrounds Outside Grand Teton National Park

There aren’t dozens and dozen of campgrounds outside of and close to Grand Teton Park or Jackson, Wyoming. In fact, there are only three:

The Jackson Hole Campground is close to the Granite Canyon Entrance Station on the south side of the national park. The Virginian RV Resort is in Jackson and is close to restaurants, movies and shopping. Amenities at both include full hookups, Wi-Fi and showers. The Snake River Park KOA, on the river 16 miles south of the park, offers Snake River white-water rafting trips but only has back-in RV sites.

Jackson Hole Campground – Grand Teton Camping

Grand Teton Camping

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2780 Moose Wilson Rd
Wilson, WY 83014

Phone: (307) 732-2267

The Jackson Hole Campground at Fireside Resort is centrally located on 7.5 acres, an equal distance from the town of Jackson (6 miles), and Teton Village (6 miles) (Jackson Hole Mtn. Resort). It’s one of the most scenic campground locations in Jackson Hole.

Established in 1963, the Jackson Hole Campground is the longest running campground in the region. Unlike other RV Parks in the area, they have large sites with old growth shade trees, green lawns, campfire rings, picnic tables and full hook up at each site. Other amenities include: Bath and Shower House, Laundry Facilities, Campground Store, 30 and 50 Amp Hook-Up, Pull through and Back – in RV Sites, and of course, a dump station.

There are two great restaurants, Calico and Q Roadhouse, within walking distance from Jackson Hole Campground at Fireside Resort, and the Bar-J-Chuckwagon is 1/8 mile down the road. With any cabin or RV accommodation, you can also reserve a Jeep equipped to help you enjoy the fresh air and scenery of Jackson Hole. These Jeeps seat five and come standard with four wheel drive, power steering, and disc brakes.

The Virginian RV Resort – Grand Teton Camping

Grand Teton Camping

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Phone: (800) 321-6982

Located on the same property as The Virginian Lodge, the resort offers camping for RVers. RV Park guests are entitled to all the amenities available to lodge guests. There are 103 RV sites on the property, with 64 pull-through spaces, approx. 40 ft. long, 20 ft. wide; and 39 Back in Spaces, approx. 25 ft. long, 20 ft. wide. Each site has a small grass lawn, a picnic table, and a small tree for limited shade. Sites have 30 and 50 amp electrical Hook-up, and full water and sewer hook-ups up well. There are restrooms with showers and flush toilets.

Amenities Include:

  • Laundry Facilities
  • Cable TV
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Access to Swimming Pool
  • Access to Hot Tub
  • Restaurant
  • Saloon & Liquor Store
  • Hair/Massage/Tanning Salon
  • Convention Facilities available for rent
    Pets welcome

Snake River KOA – Grand Teton Camping

Grand Teton Camping

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9705 S Highway – 89 Jackson Hole, WY 83001

Phone: (307) 733-7078


Only 10 miles south of historic Jackson Hole, Wyoming (1 mile north of Hoback Junction… or Hoback Nation if you’re a local), the Snake River KOA is only 24 miles to Grand Teton National Park and 80 miles to Yellowstone National Park and 21 miles to Teton Village. Campers have a choice of camp sites with either full hookup or water/electric sites. They do not have RV sites without hookups. While the campground is beautiful, their sites are small and pull-throughs are not an option during high season. Between June 1 and September 5th they only accept motorhomes 30 feet or smaller and trailers 25 feet or smaller.

Tent sites are located along Horse Creek or the Snake River. They’re so close to the water you can fall asleep to the sound of the river flowing by. There is no water or electric hookups to these sites. Because their tents sites are limited, they hold these sites for their river rafters during certain points in the season. If you want a river side site, book your raft trip with them at the same time.

Like many KOA campgrounds, Snake River also rents several styles of cabins, from a one room basic camping cabin to a deluxe cabin with separate bedrooms and full bath and kitchen facilities.