Off Road Recovery Gear

You’re likely planning on heading out camping, hunting, or simply off-road to get away from it all. You are going to need some off-road recovery gear in the event you find yourself stuck. Thankfully, whether you own a Jeep, Truck, or SUV there are plenty of options to choose from. The real question still remains, what do you all need for off-road equipment. That said, we’ve put together the top items you need to carry with to ensure you won’t get stranded.

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Essential Off Road Recovery Equipment

As you plan your trip to get off the pavement & get away from it all, there is a good chance that off road recovery gear isn’t exactly the first thing on your mind. That’s totally understandable, and we’re here to help you build out your recovery kit to get you moving again! From suggestions on a top rated recovery jack, to synthetic winch rope, to a shackle hitch receiver, we’ve got everything you need to head off roading with confidence.
One of the nice things about our selection of off-road recovery gear is that we aren’t afraid to suggest other company’s products. If we don’t offer what you realistically need for your particular recovery situation, we’ll go ahead and refer you to one of our top competitors like ARB, Warn, Hi-Lift, Rugged Ridge, etc. Obviously our goal is to have all the off road recovery gear you need right here, but in the rare occasion that we don’t we won’t hesitate to send you somewhere else to help you out.
A great example is when customers come to us looking for recommendations for synthetic winch lines. While we’d certainly like to carry synthetic winch lines sometime down the road, we don’t currently offer them. We offer all sorts of other rigging lines that connect to your winch like tow straps, snatch blocks, and d-ring shackles, but we don’t currently offer synthetic winch line. When that happens, we go ahead and recommend them to someone like Bubba Rope, Warn, Smittybilt, or even Voodoo.

Critical Products On Our Off-Road Recovery Gear List

There are a few products that are absolutely critical to every off road recovery kit. One thing to keep in mind that while most people are probably thinking about 4wd trucks, Jeeps, tow trucks, or jacked up SUVs, these kits also apply to UTV & ATV vehicles as well. Typically you’re going to be able to decrease the working load limits A few of those are:

Tow Strap, Snatch Strap, or Kinetic Recovery Rope 

When you think of a standard off-road recovery gear list, there is a good chance an image of a tow strap, snatch strap, or kinetic recovery rope comes to mind. Typically we recommend a tow strap of at least 20 feet in length in order to give your winch extension the reach it needs.

Tree Saver Strap 

Maybe you’ve got a winch on your Jeep or SUV, if so A synthetic tree saver is going to be a lifesaver. A synthetic winch provides you with the necessary tool to pull yourself out from a stuck place. However, if you frequently put your synthetic winch lines around a tree it can begin to damage your cable and the tree. That said, owning a synthetic tree saver strap is going to do exactly what it says. Save your synthetic winch lines as well as the tree.
Be sure to find a tree saver recovery strap that isn’t too long, but it still boasts a heavy break strength. In order to use this correctly, you’ll need to wrap it around a tree and join it with a recovery shackle in order to attach your winch to it. These are also super useful for using a snatch block pulley which can help double your winch capacity.

Electric Winch (Synthetic Winch Lines Preferred)

This is by far the most expensive piece of recovery equipment on our list, but not without good reason. Having synthetic rigging lines that can be retracted back into the synthetic winch is critical if you don’t have another vehicle or tow truck around to assist. Having a synthetic winch recovery kit is also a critical group of accessories due to the fact that it is almost the only way to recover your vehicle on a solo outing.

Hi-Lift Jack 

The hi-lift recovery jack is one of the most iconic accessories you will see on off-road vehicles, second to only maybe the synthetic winch. A hi-lift recovery jack allows you to get your vehicle up and out of incredibly uneven & unstable terrain like a major pothole or if you are out rock climbing in the desert. Hi-lift recovery jack mounts are also available to mount your hi-lift jack to your actual vehicle, keeping your off-road recovery accessories at the ready for whenever you need them most.

Off-Road Shovel 

Often mounting to your 4x4x vehicle next to your hi-lift jack, the off-road shovel is another nice tool to have on your off-road recovery gear list. This can help you get all four tires back on the ground while you work your rigging lines from your synthetic winch lines into place. The off-road shovel can also be used as a camping tool to help dig firepits, split wood, and more.

D-Ring Shackles 

One of the most useful and durable recovery gear items you’ll need is a set of shackles. If you do have a winch and you’re using a snatch block and a tree saver, then you may need more then just one set. That said, you pair a set of shackles with a 20′ recovery tow strap and you’ve got the ultimate equipment for getting out of a stuck place. Shackles offer a closed loop design. Therefore, you can insert a tow strap looped end and attach it to your vehicle with one shackle and close the loop. As a result, when there is no tension on the strap it won’t fall off as a hook does.
Be sure to look for rugged shackles that over plenty of weight capacity. Therefore, you can use it to pull vehicles of your size and more. You’ll also want a 7/8″ diameter shackle pin as it won’t break, bend, or bind underweight. Shackles are a very versatile tool that can be used to attach trailer safety chains, winches, and tow straps. Owning a set is very inexpensive and will be a lifesaver in a recovery situation.

Shackle Hitch Receiver 

One of the best off-road items I always take with since I have a hitch on my truck is a shackle hitch receiver. It’s a quick and easy piece of recovery gear that saves you some hassle if you’ve got a hitch receiver. Essentially the shackle hitch is a hitch with a built-in shackle. It offers horizontal and vertical shackle positioning to either pull, tow, or hoist.
Be sure to look for one that exceeds your vehicles weight capacity. A shackle hitch should also be coated to prevent any rust that can occur over time. I’ve found that a shackle hitch remains on my truck all winter cause you never know when you’ll get stuck and a simple tow strap attached to the shackle hitch is a quick job in the cold weather.