Waterproof Cargo Hitch Carrier Bag

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Vault Cargo Management’s waterproof cargo hitch carrier bag helps to keep your gear safe and secure while also freeing up valuable space within your vehicle. Not only will it keep your gear dry, but it also protects your valuable items from the grit & grime of the road!


Vault Cargo Management’s Waterproof Cargo Hitch Carrier Bag

We here at Vault Cargo Management are incredibly excited to introduce our waterproof cargo hitch carrier bag! This bag boasts 15 cubic feet of storage space, which will give you plenty of extra dry, moisture free storage space for your gear!

Simply use the included lashing straps to secure the bag to your cargo hitch carrier and you’ll be good to go. You’ll have a great trip down the road knowing that your gear is secured by one of the most trusted, fastest growing cargo management companies on the road – Vault Cargo Management.

This bag is for so much more than just repelling water though!

Our personal favorite use for these waterproof cargo hitch carrier bags is to keep our gear clean from the grit & grime of the road. You likely paid a good chunk of money for the luggage, duffel bags, bins, or coolers you’re throwing up on the rack, so why not make sure it stays looking good-as-new? Our waterproof cargo hitch carrier bag will take the brunt of the dirt & debris from the cars in front of you, leaving all your gear clean as a whistle!

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But why is it cheaper on here?

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