Ratchet Straps With Carry Bag – 4 Pack

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Manufactured to the highest quality standards, our premium Ratchet Straps will keep your mind at ease during transport. Rubber coated hooks and ergonomic handles make them easy to use and protect your valuable cargo!


Ratchet Straps by Vault Cargo Management

Every person, machine, and company has that one thing that really set them apart & allowed them to get their start. For Vault Cargo Management, that thing happened to be these ratchet straps. With a 15′ length & a 1,500 pound break strength, these ratchet straps are the perfect fit for that medium to light duty job you’ve got lined up this weekend.

Featuring our rubber coated S-Hooks that are specially designed to fit around the 1″ tubing used on many trailers, these ratchet straps have been both well designed & well made. We’ve included an ergonomic rubberized handle to save your hands for the real work, and when these suckers are paired with our soft loop tie downs there’s simply no way your cargo is going anywhere.

We dare you to go ahead and look on Amazon. At over 1,000 reviews & a 4.7 star rating, no one else comes even close to us. While there have been many Chinese companies that have attempted to copy what we’ve managed to accomplish, there’s simply no questioning that our customers have stuck with us. They’ve come to appreciate the quality & the customer service that they’ve come to expect from Vault Cargo Management, and no Chinese company is going to come even close to that.

Featuring a free carry bag!

We’ve also recently started including a free carry bag for storing your straps. This way they don’t end up scattered all over the back of your truck bed or in a tangled mess that takes forever to get undone. These ratchet straps will be right where you need them when the time comes!

Need something heavier duty?

Be sure to check out our new heavy duty ratchet straps here!

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But why is it cheaper on here?

Amazon charges sellers referral fees for each sale they make on their platform. While this is certainly understandable & very reasonable, the reality is that the fees add up quite quickly. By making sales on our own website, we’re able to avoid that referral fee & pass the savings on to our customers. That means you!

Additional information

Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 x 3.5 x 9.5 in


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