If you’re looking to get outdoors and start your adventure off the beaten path. Maybe do some backwoods camping or rock crawling. You better have a solid recovery kit to ensure you can get out in the event you get stuck. To better assist with creating your very own recovery kit we’ve listed the top items every Jeep, SUV, or Truck should have before you hit the back roads, winter trails, or sandy beaches.

Top-Rated Off Road Recovery Equipment –

Vault Cargo Management is a leader in recovery products, we may not be the largest company, and we plan to keep it that way. We appreciate knowing our customers and the equipment they need for their off-road adventures. We’re proud to say we’ve become one of the fastest growing companies in the country because of it. We started out small, and have grown organically from there. We’re definitely getting bigger, but we aren’t leaving our small-town Green Bay, WI roots behind.

Vault Cargo strives to supply the absolute best recovery equipment and gear to ensure you’re well taken care of when camping, hunting, or enjoying the backcountry. Our design team is constantly tweaking and improving our products to fit the needs of our customers. As a result, we offer a full line of products for your recovery kit needs.

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Powder Coated Material For Protection –

When it comes to using your recovery kit which can include shackles, a snatch block, or a shackle hitch receiver. Vault Cargo’s equipment is powder coated in a gloss black finish to help protect anything that is metal, as it can rust over time. Over time items may get dropped, dragged, or scratched against rocks, timber, and dirt. Therefore, with the added protection it’s designed to protect the metal material. Vault Cargo’s design team has spent countless hours ensure each of the parts retain their original powder coat finish so you have a recovery kit that will last for many years.

Snatch Block  – Off Road Recovery Gear

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If you have a winch on your Jeep or Truck then you need to get a snatch block to go with it. Even though a winch has a heavy towing capacity. A Snatch Block can double that load capacity and free up the strain on the winch and motor. Another thing a Snatch Block provides is directional recovery. Hence, if you need to navigate around a tree or rock. A snatch block provides the abilities to do so with a tree saver and some shackles.

Be sure to purchase a heavy duty all steel snatch block. One that can handle heavy loads such as your vehicle and others. A snatch block is an easy piece of

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  • 8 TON Capacity
  • Black Powder Coated Finish
  • Double Your Winch Capacity
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Rugged Shackle 2-Pack  – Recovery Kit

Shackles are one of the most important 4×4 recovery gear purchases needed for your 4WD adventures. Far better than a hook, shackles provide a closed loop to attach, tow straps, tree savers, snatch blocks, and winches. For only a few dollars each, you can have some of the toughest pins and rings when recovering your vehicle. Vault Cargo Managment’s shackles are made of 3/4″ drop forged steel for extreme toughness. The pin is a 7/8″ sold steel pin which provides extreme durability.

Due to the fact that these will be dragged or hit the ground when towing, they are powder coated in black to serve as a rust prevention layer. That said, Vault’s shackles carry a robust 9,500 lb towing capacity strong enough to help recovery any SUV, Jeep, or Truck. As a result, these are a must when it comes to a recovery kit.

Tough Tree Saver  – Recovery Kit

Considering most Jeep and SUV owners tend to have a winch when they start exploring the backcountry. They assume they have what they need to get themselves unstuck. That is a great theory, however, what many don’t know is you can simply attach a winch hook to a tree or rock without causing damage to your cable. Even though, winch cable is made of steel. It can still fray, kink, and rip if you slide it against rough surfaces under load. Therefore, a tree saver tow strap comes in as one of the best 4×4 recovery kit items you can pick up for a winch.

For only a few dollars a tree saver is going to extend the life of your winch cable as well as prevent any damage to rocks or trees. This is extremely important if you plan on heading out to any state or National Parks, as it’s best to not cause damage to the land or forest. A Tree Saver Tow Strap is one of the best investments and it takes up very little space in your off road gear bag.

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Recovery Tow Straps – Off Road Recovery Gear13 images reduced by 229.8 KB ( 16.5% )

There are few items more commonly used than a recovery strap. When you find your vehicle stuck there is nothing stronger or more durable to pull your vehicle out. Plus if you’re vehicle isn’t equipped with a winch, a recovery tow strap may be your only assistance. You want to find a recovery tow strap that offers triple reinforced end loops. This way you can attach a pair of shackles to it and know they won’t rip, tear, or fray. There are tow straps with hooks on the market, however, these can be less safe and more frustrating. As they can fall off or when tension isn’t held they can drop off. A shackle which you’ll see is the second tool for off-roading is far better as it’s a closed loop and can’t fall off.

Consider finding a recovery tow strap that is thick and at 20′ in length this way you can provide plenty of space between the stuck vehicle and the tow vehicle. The last thing you want is for the two vehicles to hit each other’s bumpers causing damage.

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