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As an off-road enthusiast or simply someone that likes to get away from it all, owning a Jeep Cherokee is truly one of the best options for you. We here at Vault Cargo Management are proud to offer a full lineup of Jeep Cherokee roof rack options to get you safely to your next adventure. Whether you are looking for a rock solid set of roof rack cross bars, a cargo box, a roof cargo carrier basket, or even kayak carriers, we’ve got everything you need right here. Oh, and did we mention that all of our Jeep Cherokee roof rack options also qualify for free shipping? That’s right, since all of our Jeep Cherokee roof rack options are over the $50 free shipping threshold, you will automatically receive free shipping!

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About Your Next Jeep Cherokee Roof Rack

Plenty Of Jeep Cherokee Roof Rack Options & Accessories

One of our primary goals is to be your one-stop-shop for all your Jeep Cherokee Roof Rack needs. Looking for a quality set of roof rack cross bars? We’ve got you covered there! What about a cargo basket or kayak carrier? No problem, we’ve got some of the best rated options on the market today! Vault Cargo Management has all the roof cargo racks that you could ever want for your Jeep Cherokee, not to mention all the tie down straps you need to go along with it!
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Engineered Specifically To Fit Your Jeep Cherokee

One of the reasons so many people come to for their Jeep Cherokee roof rack purchases is because each of our products is meticulously engineered to fit their vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a cargo carrier to mount perfectly for a spare tire, or simply a set of cross bars that fit your Jeep Cherokee perfectly, we’ve spent the time to make sure each of our products are engineered to fit your vehicle perfectly.

It’s All About Aerodynamics

The most obnoxious thing in the world is driving down the road as your Jeep Cherokee roof rack howls in the wind. As you’re hearing this, your fuel efficiency is suffering not to mention the fact that it’s flat out annoying. Vault Cargo Management relentlessly studied the aerodynamics of our line of Jeep Cherokee roof racks. We’ve fine-tuned everything on these, from the shape of the roof racks themselves to the angle compared to the road, to the vehicle-specific mounting system.It’s safe to say that you’re going to be pleasantly surprised how quiet & rugged your Jeep Cherokee roof cargo rack is. We know we are!
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Great Gear, Great Team

When you buy a roof rack for your Jeep from Vault Cargo Management, you aren’t buying from someone that can’t support you after your purchase. The great thing is you also aren’t buying it from a behemoth corporate conglomerate fueled by private equity money that simply doesn’t care.Vault Cargo Management lies somewhere in the middle of those two. We’re proud to say we’ve become one of the fastest growing companies in the country because of it. We started out small, and have grown organically from there.From our design team to our customer support folks, you’re working with people you’d likely want to have a beer with. We hire folks that show strong, midwesterner values & our feedback proves that it’s appreciated.

A Bit About The Jeep Cherokee

Jeep is one of the top off road vehicle brands in the country for those looking to explore the outdoors. They’ve built their brand around getting outside, getting off the pavement, & getting after your next adventure. Whether you’re going camping, white water rafting, or simply for a nice bike ride down a country trail, Jeep has some great options for you.Jeep vehicles also hold their value incredibly well. They are consistently rated as one of the best brands for the cost of ownership, which makes their already loyal fan base even more passionate.
The Jeep Cherokee is truly a testament to the legacy that Jeep has built up over the years. While the Jeep Cherokee has been in production for decades under both the Cherokee & Liberty name, Jeep is once again using the Jeep Cherokee name for their latest production model. To learn more about the history of the Jeep Cherokee, you can go here.
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