Death Valley Camping | The Ultimate Guide to Death Valley Campgrounds

Death Valley Camping is a lot like the name sounds — camping devoid of shade, trees, pine needles, moss, hardwood trees, or anything that remotely resembles an Eastern US campground. The park earned its forbidding sounding name. When a group of pioneers wandered into the valley and found themselves lost in the winter of 1849-1850 [...]

Badlands National Park Camping | Ultimate Guide To Badlands Camping

Don’t Make This Badlands Nation Park Camping Mistake What’s in a name? It depends. The Lakota Indians called Death Valley “Mako Sica,” meaning “land bad.” Flip it and today you have the Badlands National Park camping. Located in southwestern South Dakota the park is 244,000 acres of desolation at its best. You can look for miles and [...]